Lufthansa seat reviews

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FromFrankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
ToHouston - George Bush Intercontinental (IAH)
Seat too bad as the front has a box underneath and prevents stretching the legs.
That makes the trip more than 10 hours unbearable.

Asiento muy malo ya que el de delante tiene una caja debajo e impide estirar las piernas.
Eso hace que el viaje de más de 10 horas sea insoportable.
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FromPensacola - Regional (PNS)
ToVilnius - Vilnius (VNO)
I always fly Lufthansa and always have a very great flight, highly recommend them.
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FromSingapore - Changi (SIN)
ToFrankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
LH a n d KL are still the best international carriers!
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FromHong Kong - Hong Kong International (HKG)
ToMunich - Franz Josef Strauss (MUC)
Pleasant experience in Premium Economy. Unusual set-up with Economy just a screen away, no extra cabin for PE. Not an issue though.

Seat fine, leg-rest, like most in PE, a bit odd, but better than nothing. Decent width.

Movie selection was below average in my opinion and the lack of noise cancelling headphones quite annoying.

I'll fly again though. Value for money, especially in the exit row. After all, it's not business.
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FromSingapore - Changi (SIN)
ToFrankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
My wife and I flew on LH778 and LH 779 on 24.2.16 and 25.3.16 respectively. We paid a total of £280 for 2 seat reservations with extra leg room. We occupied seats 75B and 75C on the outward and inward flights. These seats were by the 4 toilets and we were constantly prevented from sleeping by the continual slamming of the toilet doors and the bright lights as the toilet doors opened after use. Then there is the unpleasant odour of being in such close proximity to the lavatories.
It has been a terrible experience and ruined the start and end of the holiday. Both my wife and I had our toes stood on or legs kicked as people queued in the semi-dark for the toilets throughout the night flights. I do not expect to pay £280 for this type of experience.
Furthermore passengers, understandably, were regularly using the space to stretch their limbs, stand up or simply look out of the door window. It was busier than a airport lounge and is not pleasant as one tries to simply relax or eat the airline meal. I complained to the crew and although they were helpful they could not possibly resolve the situation although incredibly we were offered standard seats as an alternative but not a refund.
The toilets, in their central position, were serving around 280 people and few used the toilets at the very front or rear of the aeroplane. The seats we occupied, being where they are, means that to sell these seats as extra legroom is a diabolical disgrace. Every single member of the crew we spoke to (four in total) separately agreed with this point and it did not require any encouragement or prompting. If the crew know it then surely you are well aware of this too and yet you continue to sell these seats as being in a privileged position without any warning as to their unsuitability. Why is this? We both feel that we have been cheated and quite blatantly robbed by a reputable business as the seats are sold by you securely in the knowledge that they are actually inappropriate and the reality is that you may have extra legroom but you cant use it to any advantage. I cant think that we shall ever travel with the airline again, particularly in such seats. As I write this complaint I am naturally very, very angry. I may still be tired and irritable but the hurt comes from knowing that this extra £280 we paid, for the holiday of a lifetime, has been quite readily taken off us by Lufthansa in such a deceitful manner.
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FromMumbai - Chhatrapati Shivaji International (BOM)
ToMunich - Franz Josef Strauss (MUC)
Premium Eco is ok, not perfect compared to TK for example.

The space is good, much better than Eco but the seat angle is not flat enough for me to have a good sleep.
The service is super, this is what I always like on LH flights.
Food is average I would say, good but nothing special.
Entertainment is a bit not up to date, but also OK.

Overall a good choice for frequent travelers which are not getting the Business class benefits from their company cause its still payable, depending of course on the booking conditions....
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ToFrankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
Good seat. A lot of privacy due to the emergency raw being close
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FromMunich - Franz Josef Strauss (MUC)
ToSeoul - Incheon International (ICN)
Excellent seat if you want to seat at the window. Proximity to the lavatory is not disturbing to me
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FromFrankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport(FRA)
ToRio De Janeiro-Galeão–antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport(GIG)
Lufthansa is still one of the best Airlines, but suffering with economy problems as the most of other big companies today.
Fortunately, it does not search for solutions at the high political/econimical level, but pulls its problems to the own customers, as usual.

On boarding/floor personal, I give the best note. Excellent!
To the Companies product management thou. The worst possible.

The creating of a "Premium Economy" class shows that Lufthansa what's to try a "cheap" but profiting to solve its economical issues...
In my opinion, it isn't worth to pay the actual prices for Premium Economy for the "extra" service it gives.

On economy class seats:
Lufthansa has clearly chosen "cheap" furniture for its economy class.
Seats have very thin "stuffing", therefore less comfortable as it used to be. At other side, passenger gets a bit more space for their "knees". Good!
Thou, seat does not recline much...
Folding tables fold twice, making them unstable. I tried many tables, and none of them become "FLAT" and stable when opened. Tables don't have borders to avoid things to slip and fall...
So you will have a bit of stress to hold things together, hoping that nothing falls down.

Now, on seat 28D:
Everyone has entertainment. It is so that NICE!
In counter-side, many seats have a so called "Entertainment Box" in their feet-room, underneath the front-seat.
This is the case for 28D. Entertainment boxes a really BIG!
Additionally, front-seat has a "arm-table" which folds down, reducing even more feet-room for seat 28D.
Additionally, life-vests are placed in a "BIG" hard-plastic box unterneath the front-seat. For big-footed passengers, an additional annoyance.

So, if you are a "big" guy, have big feet, if you like to stretch your legs.

DON'T get this seat!!!

Maybe a row behind could be a little better.
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it was a good flight. lufthansa offers fine service including meals, complimertary drink sevices, and o.k lavatories. the ride was quiet, so i even snuck in a nap :) i love lufthansa
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