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Fear of flying is more common than you think. It hits one person in three. It can start due to a turbulent flight, but also for no apparent reason. NOT IN CONTROL The average age of onset is twenty-seven. That’s according to research at SOAR, Inc whose president, licensed therapist and retired airline captain Tom… Read more »

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Do You Get Nervous Flying? Try These Relaxation Tips

nervous flying

If you get nervous flying, you’re not alone. People who experience hardly any fear at all in life still get queasy stomachs – and anxiety – when they’re in the air. This includes businessmen who speak in front of crowds on a regular basis – and many others who place worries behind them regularly so… Read more »

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Fear of flying: How Safe is it to Fly?

how safe is it to fly

If you are one of the many who suffer from flight anxiety, then you will know full well the feelings of terror leading up to an up and coming flight. The fear of flying can present itself in all sorts of forms, from sweating palms to full on anxiety attacks where your heart pounds and… Read more »

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Are You a Flying Phobic? Here’s What You Should Do on the Plane

flying phobic

Meditate. Or, to put it differently, find a way to control your thoughts. You may try to think about something that makes you feel good, or at least something that will make you forget about your creeps. You may also consider listening to yourself breathe, say the alphabet backwards or count to 1,000.

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Fear of Flying – How to Avoid it

fear of flying

Most people have to live with a fear of something, and if you happen to know someone saying he/she fears only God or something like that, be sure they’re afraid of facing their own fears. When it comes to FEAR OF FLYING, there are two basic paths one can follow, as it happens with any kind… Read more »

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