US Airways Airbus A330 200 seat review by M Benfer #27841

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ToManchester UK
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Legroom3 of 5
Seat width3 of 5
Seat recline3 of 5
Entertainment4 of 5
Food & drink2 of 5
Service3 of 5
Was very happy to arrange for this seating near the exit and on the side aisle to sit with my husband. Flight was only about 2/3 full for the overnight trip. The upgraded meal was a waste of money. Attendants never offered more than one glass of wine. The seats were close to the galley serving Business Class passengers. The crew congregated and talked n the galley the entire time passengers were trying to sleep. Ear plugs couldn't block their conversations, laughter and noise making. The entertainment was adequate, but the touch screen was barely responsive requiring many jabs and taps. The aircraft was fine. Above all, of course the safe journey is appreciated always. Flight crew and Attendants deserve and have my utmost respect.
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