SWISS Boeing B777 300ER seat review by 4GisNotByTheAisle #37475

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Both this site and seatguru get the seat map wrong regarding the arrangement of 4D/4G/5D/5G: 4G and 5D are the seats more secluded from the aisles, rather than 4D and 5G. Look at the entire rows of 4 and 5. It makes no sense for Swiss to have both 4G and 4J so close together, both right by the same aisle, while keeping 4D and 4A so far apart. The same goes for 5B and 5D, as well as 5G and 5K. The actual 4D/4G/5D/5G on the Swiss B777 are arranged by flipping the 4D+4G and 5D+5G seats. This can be readily verified by looking at various Swiss B777 business class videos, such as the one I screenshot and am attaching with this review (Disclaimer: It's not my video). The screenshot clearly shows 4G is shielded from the aisle, while 4D is exposed to the aisle.
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