Southwest Airlines Boeing B737 700 137pax seat review by Greg #28128

2.5 of 5
FromWichita-Mid-Continent (ICT)
ToBurbank-Bob Hope (BUR)
Detailed ratings
Legroom2 of 5
Seat width1 of 5
Seat recline2 of 5
Entertainment2 of 5
Food & drink3 of 5
Service4 of 5
Flying these days should be considered as an alternative to water-boarding, as far as torture is concerned. Seriously, wtf is up with airlines these days? Asking passengers to endure several hours of hunched-shoulder discomfort should be criminal. There is simply ZERO shoulder room, you end up fighting with your seat mates for a sliver of armrest, just to try to find SOMETHING to give you a moment's reprieve from the agony. Do yourself a favor and drive, or take a train...MUCH more comfortable. If you MUST fly, and I pity you...then by all means accept nothing less than an emergency aisle seat, at least you'll have a modicum of knee room. Plus, work out a Plan with your seatmates, even if you have to rock/paper/scissors or come up with some sort of alternate who will scrunch and who will sit back, because THREE of you simply WON'T be able to lean back in the seat at the same time.
I'm 6'1" and about 210 and fit, and, to paraphrase Mr. T, "I pity the fools" who are bigger than me and try to fly.
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