Singapore Airlines Boeing B777 300ER three class seat review by Rod Lofthouse #27229

4.5 of 5
Detailed ratings
Legroom5 of 5
Seat width4 of 5
Seat recline4 of 5
Entertainment5 of 5
Food & drink3 of 5
Service5 of 5
Seats on this version are the VERY wide type which on first sight look great but are a bit too wide for sitting and reading, they provide a bolster to rest on. When fully flat they make a quite good bed although the head end narrows somewhat. The guy behind me, who was aircrew, kept bumping the back of my seat which woke me up several times. I always thought it was little kids who did that! My main meal choice was rib eye, it was inedible, the knife wouldn't cut through it andthe FA brought me another serving which was just as tough, I made do withthevegetablesand dessert. It was disappointing as I have flown SIA many times and usually the whole experience is great.
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