Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 800 four class V1 seat review by Diane McParland #26463

4.5 of 5
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Legroom4 of 5
Seat width4 of 5
Seat recline4 of 5
Entertainment5 of 5
Food & drink5 of 5
Service5 of 5
We enjoyed our flight, there was more leg room, and the entertainment system was much better than the 747 jumbo. I was disappointed with the length of the seat belt. I'm a fairly large lady and it would just get around me. I assumed all seats belts on all planes would be the same, but, on the return trip we had to travel on a 747 from Singopore to Melbourne and the seat belt was much longer and very comfortable. Can you explain why the seat belts on the 388 are shorter, seems ridiculous that this has happened and I hope it will be remedied by the time I travel again.
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