Qatar Airways Boeing B777 300ER 358pax seat review by Alan H. #26750

3.5 of 5
Detailed ratings
Legroom4 of 5
Seat width4 of 5
Seat recline5 of 5
Entertainment3 of 5
Food & drink2 of 5
Service4 of 5
Boarding in BKK took a long time and once we were in the air I reclined my seat and the rude passengers sitting behind me very rudely asked me to put it back but i only put it half back, but the recline was excellent. The cabin crew seemed very bored and annoyed of the rude passengers put they were some that were absoloutely brilliant. The food was terrible but the little snack before landing was very good indeed. Once we arrived in Doha I had a really hard time trying to get through tranfer for my flight to Manchester.
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