Seat Map Northwest Airlines Boeing B757-200 (5600) Domestic

Seat map for Northwest Airlines Boeing B757-200 (5600) Domestic

Seating details

First Class372122
Coach Class30-3217.17162

General presentation

Accessibility Features:
Access Wheelchair Storage: Forward – right closet.
Moveable Aisle Armrests: Seats 2B, Rows 3-6.
Designated Disability Seats: Seats 16EF, 17BC, 17DE
There are more than 400 planes in the NWA fleet. This plane has a total seating capacity of 184 passengers in a two class layout. There are three different layouts for the B757-200 which change depending on the market and series. It cruises at a speed of 530mph and has a range of 2800 miles. This aircraft is used mainly for short and medium-haul domestic routes.
Exit row and Bulkhead seating is reserved on Northwest flights for WorldPerks Elite travellers and passengers with premium fares. The seat maps in check-in will display the seats you are able to select.

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