Seat Map Northwest Airlines Boeing B747 400

Seat map for Northwest Airlines Boeing B747 400

Seating details

Business Elite60-612065
Coach Class31-3217.17338

General presentation

Accessibility Features:
Access Wheelchair Storage: Behind row 12 – center closet.
Moveable Aisle Armrests: Aisle seats C&H in rows 22-27 and 37-40
Lavatory (LAV): Behind row 43-left on select aircraft
Bassinet (BAS): Available on international flights only. Seats 1AB, 1JK, 9DEF, 9JK, 10AB, 21C, 21HJK, 24DE, 35DEFG, 53DEFG
Designated Disability Seats: Seats 21AB, 37BC, 37HJ

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4.5 of 5
This was the first time I'd flown first class and, to a relatively unseasoned flyer, I found the whole thing a bit overwhelming. Of course, I loved the seats. As Ethan mentioned, they don't fold down totally flat but, to be honest, I find them a bit more comfortable when they're slightly raised. It's only a matter of a few degrees, if that's important to anybody.
The food was great, although a little to much/too often for my taste. I prefer to be left alone on a flight. The landing was a little bumpy, due to string winds in Hawaii.
I'd always dreamed of being an airline pilot since I was a boy, but now, at my age, I guess I'm going to have to resign myself to the fact that the only flying I'm going to be doing is on my pc, on a flight simulator.
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You many things could you fit into a seat? Well, this ad shows all the things that normally pictures don't show, and that are integrated into just one seat.
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3.5 of 5
The upper deck of this aircraft is very private which gives a more personalized feeling in the service. NWA's World Business Class is very nice on this particular jet. The seats, while they do not lie copletely flat, do lie almost flat and combined with the new blankets and pillows provided by Delta, this is a very enjoyable experience!
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