Seat Map Northwest Airlines Airbus A330 300

Seat map for Northwest Airlines Airbus A330 300

Seating details

Business Elite6020.25264
Coach Class31-3317.534

General presentation

Accessibility Features:
Access Wheelchair Storage: Forward – left closet.
Moveable Aisle Armrests: Seats 11B,11H,12B,12H and Rows 13-28,30-44.
Lavatory (LAV) Behind seats 27CDFG. Assist bars in all lavatories.
Bassinet (BAS) Available on International flights only. Seats 1AB,1CG,1HJ,29CDFG.
Designated Disability Seats: Seats 11AB,11HJ,12CD.
PC power on all seats in Business Elite Class and on Coach class on rows 10-28.
There are more than 400 planes in the NWA fleet. This plane has a total seating capacity of 298 passengers in a two class layout. It cruises at a speed of 545mph and has a range of 5300 miles. This aircraft is used mainly for long-haul international flights.
The video-on-demand system provides passengers with a wide range of entertainment during the flight throughout the cabin.
World Business Class seating and rows 10-28 on the new Airbus 330 aircraft contain an onboard power supply. There is one 110 volt / 60 hertz / .68 amps max outlet per seat that may be used for laptops and personal DVD players. Eventually, all World Business Class seating will offer an onboard power supply.
Exit row and Bulkhead seating is reserved on Northwest flights for WorldPerks Elite travellers and passengers with premium fares. The seat maps in check-in will display the seats you are able to select.

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You starve to death if you fly economy with this air carrier. Paris-Detroit, 7 hours flight time, 1 main meal and lousy snack in 7 hours!!
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4 of 5
Seats were very comfortable. Meal service good. TV Selection could however have been better. Otherwise, no complaints
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