Lufthansa Airbus A380 800 509pax seat review by John Martin #30556

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FromSingapore - Changi (SIN)
ToFrankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
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My wife and I flew on LH778 and LH 779 on 24.2.16 and 25.3.16 respectively. We paid a total of £280 for 2 seat reservations with extra leg room. We occupied seats 75B and 75C on the outward and inward flights. These seats were by the 4 toilets and we were constantly prevented from sleeping by the continual slamming of the toilet doors and the bright lights as the toilet doors opened after use. Then there is the unpleasant odour of being in such close proximity to the lavatories.
It has been a terrible experience and ruined the start and end of the holiday. Both my wife and I had our toes stood on or legs kicked as people queued in the semi-dark for the toilets throughout the night flights. I do not expect to pay £280 for this type of experience.
Furthermore passengers, understandably, were regularly using the space to stretch their limbs, stand up or simply look out of the door window. It was busier than a airport lounge and is not pleasant as one tries to simply relax or eat the airline meal. I complained to the crew and although they were helpful they could not possibly resolve the situation although incredibly we were offered standard seats as an alternative but not a refund.
The toilets, in their central position, were serving around 280 people and few used the toilets at the very front or rear of the aeroplane. The seats we occupied, being where they are, means that to sell these seats as extra legroom is a diabolical disgrace. Every single member of the crew we spoke to (four in total) separately agreed with this point and it did not require any encouragement or prompting. If the crew know it then surely you are well aware of this too and yet you continue to sell these seats as being in a privileged position without any warning as to their unsuitability. Why is this? We both feel that we have been cheated and quite blatantly robbed by a reputable business as the seats are sold by you securely in the knowledge that they are actually inappropriate and the reality is that you may have extra legroom but you cant use it to any advantage. I cant think that we shall ever travel with the airline again, particularly in such seats. As I write this complaint I am naturally very, very angry. I may still be tired and irritable but the hurt comes from knowing that this extra £280 we paid, for the holiday of a lifetime, has been quite readily taken off us by Lufthansa in such a deceitful manner.
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