Lufthansa Airbus A380 800 509pax seat review by Manfred #27437

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Business seats are not up to today's standard (not fully flat). No good leg room either! NO MORE Lufthansa on my long-haul flight before they change to comfortable fully flatbed seats in the business class!!!!
A baby in the seat behind me - Despite of earplugs and headphones, NO sleep for me on this 12 hours flight. Babies should NOT AT ALL be allowed in business. I fly 100K miles a year; it's always a "lottery" whether you’ll arrive at your destination refreshed or dog-tired/smashed. Why do I (and others) pay for business class? The only reason is the "right" seat and having some sleep. We all love babies but they don't belong in business class. For the sake of respect towards other passengers, I never flew business when I travelled with our very young kids.
Furthermore, the purser Mrs C. Kosch on the flight LH 842 Dec 1st was extremely rude when she learned that I complained.
After 30 years of travelling, NO MORE LUFTHANSA on long-haul journeys before LH changes the seats to a normal nowadays standard.
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