KLM Boeing B747 400 Combi New World Business Class seat review by Clinton Anthony Johnson #28117

4.5 of 5
FromLos Angeles-Los Angeles International(LAX)
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Legroom5 of 5
Seat width3 of 5
Seat recline4 of 5
Entertainment4 of 5
Food & drink5 of 5
Service5 of 5
When I purchased my tickets, I specifically asked the Northwest Airlines ticket agent for an exit row seat when I went to retrieve my tickets and passes. Of course, I flew this flight long before airlines started asking customers to pay for exit-row seats. I flew in this same seat round trip between Los Angeles and Schiphol and while most people aren't too happy with having an emergency exit with a very bulky box within their leg space, the flight attendants didn't mind my using the door as a foot rest, since I am a broad-shouldered 6'-4" tall and there was NO place for me to put my long legs without bothering my neighbor. Considering the tray table is in the armrest, which makes this seat a tad smaller than I like, it was still a comfortable place to sit on a crowded flight of 9.5 and 10.5 hours each way.

While I flew aboard this aircraft twelve years ago in 2003, I still remember the fabulous service! Every time I thought I was getting thirsty or hungry, the flight attendants were coming by with trays of water, orange juice, very hot towels, meals, or snacks. The meals weren't terrible, I was pleasantly surprised to have dinner and breakfast on both legs of my trip. Of course, being one of the first passengers off the plane isn't too shabby. One of the boarding doors is directly across from this seat at both Los Angeles AND Schiphol.

The entertainment could have been better, but only because passengers were constantly congregating in front of the lavatories blocking my view of the one screen the six of us in rows 21- and 22-HJK were viewing. The galleys are rather close, but KLM's flight attendants are VERY conscientious about working quietly and not disturbing nearby passengers most of whom were sleeping.
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