Jetstar Airways Airbus A320 180pax seat review by Dale Boult #27744

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Seat 10E
From Cairns
To Brisbane
Detailed ratings
Legroom 3 of 5
Seat width 3 of 5
Seat recline 3 of 5
Entertainment 3 of 5
Food & drink 3 of 5
Service 4 of 5
I was in seat 10E (middle) & my husband in 10F (window), I don't usually like the middle seat but it was ok enough leg room for me and I am about 5'7" tall. We also travelled back from Brisbane to Cairns in the same seat location. We had carry on baggage and stuck to the restrictions but I know other people don't because you often have trouble getting storage above where you are sitting. It is best to get on promptly before someone takes your space. The food is always average and they often run out but the food on other domestic airlines is also average even if it is included. They were prompt to board passengers but had to wait for the baggage to be loaded.I believe one of the reasons they keep their prices low is because they do their own cleaning between flights e.g. wipe tables, toilets etc but sometimes it looks like they run out of time for the cleaning. Overall Jetstar is an ok airline providing most of the lowest airfares domestically.
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