Edelweiss Air Airbus A330 300 seat review by María Teresa Almasque #37225

3.5 of 5
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Legroom5 of 5
Seat width3 of 5
Seat recline2 of 5
Entertainment5 of 5
Food & drink2 of 5
Service3 of 5
Bad Seat bookings organization. In Lisbon was told no seat, even if I paid for it. Terrible experience!
Upon arrival ton ZRH by chance found Mr.Muller on a stand by himself, addressed him for help and he confirmed my seat 18B. Gave me a new boarding pass and thanked him.a lot. Very kind and professional as everybody should be.
On the plane there were 2 babies on but only one place to place a cot. So stewardess asked me and the pax 18A seat to move as they had to place the other cot. 18A was upgraded to business while I was seated across the isle. Didn't mind helping parents as I was once one too. It's just the bad organization before hand that let us to have to change original seats in a nice corner without babies
Also never got gluten free food required but never got.
No right to a bottle of wine during meal as in any other European airline. Why?
Among 4 stewardess only one very kind and sweet. No smiling much all the others
Thanks for your kind reply.
M T. Almasque
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