Seat Map China Eastern Airlines Boeing B737 800 162PAX

Seat map for China Eastern Airlines Boeing B737 800 162PAX

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Business Class46"21"12
Economy Class31"17.1"150

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4.5 of 5
FromBangkok - Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)
ToShanghai - Pu Dong (PVG)
Point of clarification: Shanghai Air (FM) is owned by China Eastern and we were on a Shanghai Air flight with an identical seat layout however there is no listing here for them. We were on a DL codeshare and could not set a seat selection from FM directly but had to go through DL and only within 90 days of the flight. My wife and I were assigned 6 J & L, bulkhead seats, as that was all that FM would allow DL to see for availability. These bulkhead seats have slightly less legroom than the other seats in business but we were by no means cramped. Seat width is 21-22" and would give them score of 8 out of 10 for comfort but very clean. The IFE English selection is surprisingly good, much better than our flights on KE but the screens small (10" diagonal). Of the 12 business seats only 5 were occupied and once airborne the other occupants chose to sleep (daytime flight), leaving the FA to tend to just 2 of us. The food was slightly better than average and although the FA spoke little English, she kept our wine glasses full. Service was A+. Was not expecting much from this Asian carrier so it was nice to be pleasantly surprised.
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