Cebu Pacific Air Airbus A330 seat review by wayne allen #28015

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We travelled with Cebu Pacific on 9 November returning on 20 November. In our party were 6 adults, 3 children and 1 infant. All seats were allocated in Seat row 1 and 3.
While appreciating the low cost fares the comfort level is very poor. Fortunately the plane was only about half full on the flight to Manila. The cabin temperature was very cold forcing many to purchase blankets. TIP: take your own as at Aus $10 it is expensive. Not that it was required but access to above air flow would be helpful, but none was available. We had pre-ordered the honey glazed chicken meal - very poor quality and quantity, mainly rice and veges. Chicken had no flavour.
A number of safety issues were apparent, for example passengers allowed to use toilet while plane is preparing for take off. No other airline would permit this! Attendants failed to check seta belts being on and hand bags and carry on bags were either on passengers laps or on seats next to them. The pre-recorded messages were irritating and the knowledge base of the staff attendants using the PA system was poor, didn't really know what they were talking about and or garbled messages sent. Many passengers seemed confused. Maybe better training and the capacity to articulate better would be useful. Pilots/co-pilots never provided any updates on logistics only when landing and take off but no other information throughout the flight. It would be nice to know where we were in relation to Sydney and Manila?
I accept that you get what you pay for but some things could be much better. Will we fly again with CP, maybe but will weigh options with other airlines and consider the advantages in paying more for benefits as 7-8 hours is a ling flight in a very tightenvironment.
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