Seat Map Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 100

Seat map for Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 100

Seating details

Travel Class31-32"17.8"200

General presentation

The A321-100 is the latest aircraft developed by Airbus. It incorporates advanced equipment, and, in particular, automatic management of the flight course and altitude. Its maximum take-off weight is 78 tons, for a seating capacity of 200. Asiana has 2 of these aircraft models.

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FromJeju-Chuja Heliport (JCJ)
ToSeoul-Gimpo International Airpot (SEL)
I don´t understand why is so difficul to select a seat, mainlyif you bear in mind that this servisse will help both, passenger and airline company. Asiana should have a desk to help people in eernet functions. sorry and thank you.
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