Asiana Airlines flying with babies

Does Asiana Airlines has a minimum age limit for acceptance of newborns?

Even if the baby is born healthy, since infants have unstable body temperature control and do not yet have fully developed lungs as well as other body parts, it is recommended that no infant less than 1 week old board a flight. However, if the baby needs to travel, Asiana Airlines will need to receive medical clearance in advance.

Does Asiana offer a discounted fare for infants?

For baby passengers, infants who are aged between 7 days and 2 years, Asiana Airlines offers the Baby Fare, which means that:

  • On South Korean domestic flights, babies travel for free.
  • For international flights, the Baby Fare is 10% of general adult fare, and there is no separate seat provided. A seat is provided only if the Child Fare is paid.

Baby Fare will only be granted for one baby when one passenger is traveling with 2 babies or more. A child ticket, with a seat provided, should be purchased for each additional child.

What infant amenities are offered on Asiana flights?

Asiana provides services for infants aging from 7 days to 3 years (2 years for some services) on domestic and international flights. For a comfortable and happy trip, infants younger than 3 years old traveling with their moms will be provided with caring service, the Happy Mom Service.

Free Baggage Allowance for Infants Traveling on Asiana Flights

When the Baby Fare applies, depending on the route, infants have the following free baggage allowance on Asiana flights:

  • Domestic flights: no free baggage allowance. However, a foldable stroller, carrying basket or car seat may be carried as checked baggage.
  • Non-Americas routes (Japan, China, Europe, Russia, etc.): 1 piece up to 10 kg (22 lbs) and 158 cm plus a foldable stroller, carrying basket or car seat.
  • Routes to/from the Americas: 1 piece up to 23 kg and 158 cm plus a foldable stroller, carrying basket or car seat.

A small and foldable stroller may be carried in the cabin only if storage space is available, otherwise, the stroller may be handled as checked baggage. Baby food for in-flight use may be carried in the cabin, in addition to the carry-on baggage.

Happy Mom Service – International Flights

For mother passengers traveling with infants, Asiana provides Happy Mom Service to ensure a comfortable trip for both the mother and baby, from the airport procedure to in-flight breastfeeding and minimum discomfort in long flights in seats. An in-flight baby meal, customized for the baby’s age, can be ordered until 24 hours before departure.

Mother passengers traveling with infants should check in at the dedicated Happy Mom Counter, available at all airports with international departures. At the Happy Mom Counter, a nursing cover can be provided upon request. Priority boarding and priority baggage handling are also offered as part of the service.

Bassinets and Baby Slings

An in-flight baby bassinet can be used after making a reservation. Bassinets should be reserved early (up to 72 hours before departure) as there is a limited stock. Even if an advanced reservation has been made, babies who exceed the following weight and length limits will not be given a bassinet in flight:

For baby passengers up to 2 years who were not given a baby bassinet or exceed the baby bassinet limits, a baby sling is provided by the crew after the aircraft safely enters normal altitude. Baby slings are available upon request on Americas, Europe and Sydney routes.

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