Seat Map American Airlines Boeing B777 200

Seat map for American Airlines Boeing B777 200

Seating details

Business Class60"19.6"37
Economy Class32"17.6-18.4"194
First Class88-89"21"16

General presentation

There are 16 Boeing 767-200s in the American Airlines fleet of 683 planes. These planes cruise at a speed of 555mph at an altitude of 37000ft and have a total seating capacity of between 223 and 245 passengers in a three class configuration used on Atlantic or Pacific flights. This layout is the Atlantic version and has a 16/35/194 configuration for 245 passengers.
Under-seat space at all A, D, F and J seats is limited due to the entertainment system box.
There are up to 14 channels of audio programming on this plane for all classes.
First Class customers receive Bose® QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones. On international flights, Business class passengers get them as well. In Economy, if you don’t have your own, you would have to buy headphones for 2$ a piece. This plane has personal video monitors with 10-channel programming in all classes. In First Class, you can also enjoy a Personal Video player with up to 20 additional movie selections. In Economy, if you don’t have your own, you would have to buy headphones for 2$ a piece.
There are LCD monitors on the ceiling as well as large projectors throughout the cabin with regular TV. Check the seat map! Your seat may be equipped with a DC power outlet. AA uses a cigarette lighter style outlet delivering 15 volts of current. Usually, a power outlet is available on every seat in First and Business class, as well as selected rows in the Economy cabin. Look for the “lightning bolt” symbol on the overhead bin rows containing powerport-equipped seats.
Worldwide satellite communications are available on American Airlines’ Boeing 777 and Boeing 767 aircraft almost anytime while flying over North America and worldwide. Rates for satellite calls are $5.00 to connect and $10.00 per minute. Billing begins when a call is answered.

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FromTokyo-New Tokyo International Airport(NRT)
ToDallas, TX-Dallas/Fort Worth International(DFW)
Aside from the stark slate colour that dominates the cabin, I was pleasantly surprised by the AA business product. The seat, to me, is more comfortable than the herringbone pods that are en vogue on many airlines. The IFE is reasonably well stocked and enough to keep me amused for a few hours before stretching out to sleep.

Dinner was enjoyable and the cabin attendants were cheerful and efficient. My only gripe is that for lunch I was offered either pizza or salad. PIZZA? Isn't that what other airlines sell their economy class passengers on domestic legs? Seriously, AA: that was a bit of a joke.

Other than that, it was an enjoyable flight. DFW is a good hub to connect through and never gets as horribly busy as LAX or MIA.

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FromMiami (MIA)
ToSão Paulo (GRU)
THIS is what I call a good airplane! Really good entertainment with several movies, tons of music, and several other options! There was a real contrast with the outbound flight, which was TERRIBLE once the airplane was a museum piece (a rusty 767) and the attendants weren't in their best day...
The legroom could indeed be better, but how could I dare ask for perfectness while flying AA?
The meal was pretty bad... it was better on the outward trip (maybe because it was from my country's airport...?) but you don't really taste anything when you're REALLY hungry...
The flight attendants were pretty helpful, but once the flight was absolutely CROWDED, they were basically freaking out...
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FromLondon-London Heathrow(LHR)
ToLos Angeles-Los Angeles International(LAX)
Very good seats for space. I am 6'5" and one of the few planes I can stretch out on. You can swivel seat to look stright out of window but I do not see the point of this. Some of the older seats have temperamental switches and motors. Seats are very hard and AA do not provide mattress. One comforter and one small pillow, no pajamas. I like 1J as 1A is crew rest however the smell from toilets can be problemtic. One really good thing for me is AA cabin is set to comfortable sleeping temperature unlike the British carriers who prefer a tropical environment.
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FromLos Angeles-Los Angeles International (LAX)
ToMiami-Miami International Airport (MIA)
These pics I am showing are from the b777 200 but it's a variation of the seat plan shown here which is the most common. In business class, if you seat in the middle (2-3-2) in the 3 seat area you dont feel crammed at all. It's large enough to not even feel you have someone next to you. I slept during the entire flight so dont know much about the food :)
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FromChicago-Chicago Ohare Intl(ORD)
ToBeijing-Beijing Capital Int.(PEK)
I flew business class from ORD to PEK. I was able to fly first class on the return trip and I believe the business class seat was better! The service was similar, but I actually felt more comfortable and got more sleep in the business class seat. The fact that it does not have a totally flat sleeping position didn't really matter. I did have the luxury of having the adjacent seat vacant, but I would probably still chose the business class.
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FromShanghai-Pu Dong(PVG)
ToLos Angeles-Los Angeles International(LAX)
I was able to fly Business class to China and 1st on the return. I found the business seat to be better. My reasons are as follows: I found (as others did also) the controls obscure and difficult to figure out. The window view was awkward. My sleep in business was superior to 1st. With everyting else being identical, I would save my points or $ and fly business! IFE was weak and the monitor even more difficult to view in 1st.
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FromChicago-Chicago Ohare Intl (ORD)
ToBeijing-Beijing Capital Int. (PEK)
I flew from ORD-PEK in business class. The service was good, but it's business class so I was able to expect more. The seats are really comfortable and I slept really well, I like the angle lie-flat seat better than the flat bed seat. The entertainment is good, wider screen than in economy and more options. The food on both flights were great. If I was able to choose business class or first class I would probably choose business class.
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3.5 of 5
Coach class back seats are more comfortable than front seats. These seats count with more space for legs and between them. They count with personal entertainment system on every seat. Photos of American Airlines planes are hard to get because of the policy of "No photos" they have. Hope you enjoy the photo.
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FromDallas, TX-Dallas/Fort Worth International(DFW)
ToTokyo-New Tokyo International Airport(NRT)
Recently sat in 9A from DFW to NRT and back again. Enjoyed the seat placement with privacy, but did not enjoy having to climb over 9B to use the wash room. While I prefer a window seat, on future flights with the new business configuration, I will select an aisle seat. Window seats that are not on the bulkhead might be easier to get to the aisle.
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FromMIA- Miami Intl.
ToGRU- Guarulhos Int. São Paulo
It was an uncomfortable flight for me. The seat was the last of the airplane, so I had some problems. The first one was the horrible and loud sound of the bathrooms. The second one was the seat: it doesn't reclines! There was just one good point: the entertainment on the tv: great films and games! The crew was normal; in the average
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