Seat Map American Airlines Boeing B787 9

Seat map for American Airlines Boeing B787 9

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Business Classlie-flat21"30
Premium Economy38"19"21
Main Cabin Extra35", exit rows17.2"34
Main Cabin31"16.2-17.2"200

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4.5 of 5
FromSydney - Kingsford Smith (SYD)
ToLos Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX)
Aisle seat was great for getting in and out. This is a seat in the front row of the Premium Economy Section so has the recliner-style footrest, which is much better than the other two rows. I have short legs so my feet don’t reach the other type of footrest which is small. The complimentary headsets were okay, the blanket was great, and the pillow was comfy and a good size.

My food choices were excellent and the beverage selection was also very good.

Cons were the elevation level of the legrest (could be higher), and seat recline angle could have been just a fraction more (there’s enough room, I think, for another couple of degrees). There isn’t much lumbar support and the seat itself feels very hard under your behind after a few hours in the air.

Overall? Much better than economy, and well worth the extra expense if you’re able to get it as an upgrade or on sale. If you’re tall, or quite large in build, I’d say to spend the extra every time. I had a gentleman sitting near me who wasn’t overweight but was tall and with broad shoulders - he said he always goes premium economy because it’s the only seat that accommodates his shoulders without him impacting on whoever’s sitting next to him, but he doesn’t have to go that extra step and buy business. As a self-funded retiree, saving money as well as being comfortable were important to him.

The crew on this flight were lovely, helpful, and polite.
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FromDallas Fort Worth
Seat was very comfortable. Plane was great! I’m guessing this is an updated version? Whatever it is it’s was a very comfortable ride home to HONOLULU. The ONLY thing i didn’t like was the service and food. No comparison to deltas service. Ladies (most not all) was just rude and there to do just there job. Majority of the time they were busy yapping in the Gally. Husband woke up 2 hours before landing to ask for a drink and snack. But they were busy tapping so he stood there n waited patiently not to interrupt there conversation and then the woman looks at him and says rudely “yes?!” So he then asked for a drink her reply was what do u want? Miller light he says “we don’t have that” husband says bud light? The other stewardess must’ve noticed the sarcasm and answered my husband nicely and said yes we have that. Next he asked the rude one of there were snacks her reply was “we’ll be going around with snacks in a while” WHAT A BI%**! Other airlines usually have a basket of snacks to offer as we please but this was just unacceptable! Especially after paying $6grand for 2 tickets to Florida and back! Other than that the flight was great.
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4.5 of 5
ToSydney - Kingsford Smith (SYD)
Aircraft is one of the most quiet in the commercial fleet. It was the FIRST lay down seat that did not either force my toes up agains the seat ahead - I’m only 6’, but on LATAM they assume you are smaller I guess. And, there was no annoying bar across my lower back.

Not to mention there were seat controls that actually just WORKED. So many others have you going back and forth to just lay down - I think you need a 400 page manual to operate it!
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3.5 of 5
I am 6ft4, average weight for my size. There is not much legroom and the seat is narrow. Fortunately for me, the plane was far from full and the 2 seats aside me were empty. I would not want to travel a 10h international flight on those cramped seats.
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FromShanghai - Pu Dong (PVG)
ToDallas, TX - Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW)
The overall flight experience was excellent. The only drawback was that there was not too much space for my shoulders since I am 5'9".
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