Seat Map American Airlines CRJ 200

Seat map for American Airlines CRJ 200

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Main Cabin Extrabulkhead16.75-17.2"2
Economy Class31-32"16.75-17.2"48

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3 of 5
FromCharlottesville - Albemarle (CHO)
ToChicago - Chicago Ohare Intl (ORD)
These are nice little jets. I paid extra to move up to the exit row (8A) for my trip to Chicago, because my originally assigned seat was in the last row right by the bathroom door. The exit row gives you a bit more leg room (not a lot). The bigger plus is that it is quieter than farther back in the plane. I like to look out the windows when I fly. Interestingly, although you are sitting over the wing in the exit row, your view is not obstructed by the wing. You do have to scrunch down to look out the window. You can see more easily if you are in the aisle seat and have a compatible seat mate who will keep the shade up. Coming back from Chicago I was in seat 12 B. It was fine - noisier than optimal, but ok. Seats 12 A & B will recline. 12 C & D will not recline. On the whole, it was a positive experience.
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FromChicago - Chicago Ohare Intl (ORD)
ToHuntsville, AL - Huntsville International - Carl T. Jones Field (HSV)
Nothing wrong with these seats but because of the warning, I switched to row 6 for the return trip. Couldn't tell the difference! But don't plan on looking out the window on this plane unless you're about 5 ft tall.
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