American Airlines Airbus A320 seat review by Doug Penland #33907

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Seat 11E
From Miami - Miami International Airport (MIA)
To Dallas, TX - Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW)
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Legroom 5 of 5
Seat width 1 of 5
Seat recline 1 of 5
Entertainment 3 of 5
Food & drink 5 of 5
Service 4 of 5
This is a Premium Seat, but it does not recline and the center arm rest can not be moved out of the way. Because this seat faces the exit aisle their is a clear area of approx. 4-ft in front of you. However there is nothing to rest your foot on, and when you stretch out without being able to recline it becomes very uncomfortable, even more uncomfortable on a long flight. You end up with a sore back. AA advised me that this seat reclined and had a movable armrest, this information is incorrect. Seat 11 F was removed from our plane, and a flight steward's folding seat has been installed which faces the back of the plane.
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