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As of January 2011, Air France operated 15 Bombardier CRJ 700s. This model is normally part of the Brit Air filial group.
With a length of 32.51 m (106 ft 8 in) and a wingspan of 23.24 m (76 ft 3 in), the CRJ 700 variant of Bombardier is capable of a cruising speed of about 829 km/h, 515 mph at 12,497 m (41,000 ft). Their maximum range varies from 2,656 km/1,650 mi to 3,708 km/2,304 mi, depending on the model.
With a length of just over 33m it is difficult to escape the noise of the engines.

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The flight was shared with KLM and operated by Air France Brit air.
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