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FromParis - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
ToMexico City - Internacional Benito Juarez (MEX)
I had the seat 81A in premium economy. The Aircraft is very spacious. The leg room is fantastic and you can easily walk around as it has enough space on the space of the primuim economy class, but also you can go down through the stairs as they are quite close, and have a nice stretching.
There are two or three lavoratories in the back of the plane.
The seats are quite comfort, the problem is more for the recline that I needed to ask the flying attendant to help me to try to make it more comfortable. I’m starting to be worry for the return flight at night!
In my A side, the cellphone charger wasn’t working, neither the one next to me. But finally I could use the usb charger of the person seated at 81B.
It was not comfortable that the aisle seats because they don’t have the option to put things as a book or the phone, they need to use the net that is just beside the emergency door.
The food is not the best, but to be economy I’ll said that is over the media.
I heard some parents saying that there weren’t too much entertainment options for kids in different languages beside French’s and english.
The premium economy in Airfrance is a big step forward to travel long distances flights. I will surely recommend it.
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FromAtlanta, GA - Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International (ATL)
ToParis - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
This is a premium economy seat. We liked the roominess of this class but the seats were extremely uncomfortable. Seats lack cushion thickness so you feel like you’re sitting on hard plastic for 9 hours. The seats do recline but not much. The extra compartments next to the window are awesome (found on the upper level). I would recommend investing in trtl or bcozzy neck pillow (both are great). I also brought silicone ear plugs to wear under bose noise cancelling head phones because many folks were snoring. Air France has pillows & plush blanket in the class so if you done mind plastic seat, minimal recline and minimal comfort, then I’d recommend it. We booked our flight with delta, we always fly first / business class but tickets were $9k each... a little steep IMO. Premium Economy were $3500 each.... too much for what you get IMO.
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Seat82, a, b, c, d, e
ToParis - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
We have been looking forward to flying on Air France 380 from LAX to our vacation in Spain. However this flight was miserable! There is no way you can get comfortable in these premium seats. There isn’t any recline, seats are hard, no air (very hot), very noisy, headphones broken, TV screens not working properly, I have traveled premium economy on BA and Delta to Europe from California recently and was comfortable. We are very disappointed and dread the flight home this Friday. my travel agent will be very discouraged to hear of our disappointment as she believed we would be happy with Air France. Please respond. Thank you Valerie
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We have been looking forward to flying onAir France during our vacation. Flight was smooth. However the seats are miserable! Hard, don’t recline, screens don’t work well, headphones broken, no air conditioning (very hot). I have flown premium economy recently on Delta and BA and those seats were very comfortable. These seats on Air France are awful and we dread sitting in them back to LAX. My travel agent who made our reservations will be very discouraged to learn about our disappointment. Please respond to my remarks. Valerie St Clair and 4 Baldwin Family members
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FromParis - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
ToSan Francisco, CA - San Francisco International (SFO)
It’s Air France a380 plane. We traveled in a row num. 11. Inbound we were sitting in 11j, 11k and 11L. Outbound we were in 11A, 11B and 11c. First of all planes interior is extremely old, shabby and filthy. Seats are very uncomfortable. Armrests in this row do not go up. Every piece of plastic or external decoration on the seats and on the armrest were broken off, torn or loose. 11A and 11L had more legroom as there is no 3rd sear in a row in front, but the seat itself is very uncomfortable and narrow.
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FromNew York-John F Kennedy Intl(JFK)
ToParis-Charles De Gaulle(CDG)
This is an exit seat on the upper deck. Most window seats on the upper deck have a large bin below the window where you can stow your small bags or other items that you want to access during the flight. However, this seat does not have such a bin. Also there is no window. On the positive side, the legroom is absolutely unrestricted. I would recommend this seat for those travelling without or with very little cabin baggage, and preferring to sleep rather than to look out the window.
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FromParis-Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
ToJohannesburg-Oliver Reginald Tambo International (JNB)
The flight was uncomfortable as there was a hole in the foot deck where I got extremely cold and could hear all the noise from the wheels contracting on departure and extending on landing. This was reported to the air stewardess but I was not offered another seat. I hope that the paneling was repaired. My husband and I will be flying back to Berlin with the same type of aircraft via Paris CDG on Monday 31 March 2014 and we are expecting a comfortable flight with Air France.
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FromNew York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
ToParis - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
We had the seat 92 A and B. First of all I'm 1.82m with around 82kg. The legroom is okay but definately not as good than in a KLM operated Boeing 787. You get your food the last and your the last that can exit the plane, entertaining is okay, a touch Display with a horrible resolution but okay. I couldn't get any sleep at all and in my opinion it's not worth it to sit on the upper deck at all.
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fuimos en este vuelo de 12h, en los asientos 49j y 49l, es un asiento normal, con ancho y largo estándar, nosotros medimos 1.80 y sin problemas, el asiento de la ventana tiene mucho espacio entre el asiento y la ventana de modo que si levantas el reposabrazos puedes acostarte y es bastante cómodo. No teníamos a nadie en el asiento central de modo que fue muy cómodo.
Muy buen servicio a bordo, el bar tenía de todo.
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FromParis - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
ToWashington, DC - Washington Dulles International (IAD)
Equipment is dated - makes noise when changing position, screen is small and poor resolution, remote doesn’t work, and seat is marginally lay flat. No privacy. Basically, we’re looking at a ten year old plane whose hard product hasn’t been changed in that time. It’s very much showing it’s age, and not competitive with other airlines, or even other aircraft in the AF fleet. Customer service was excellent, very attentive and amply staffed. Food was quite good.
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