Air France Airbus A330 200 Long-Haul International 208PAX seat review by Rebuzz #31078

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Legroom3 of 5
Seat width1 of 5
Seat recline2 of 5
Entertainment1 of 5
Food & drink3 of 5
Service4 of 5
The only positive is these seat is that 36J and 36K allowed my wife and it to be on our own row. But row 36 is just where a subtle angle in the aisle (where the plane body begins to narrow to the tail) begins and the aisle seat on this row--36J--gets hit by everyone going up the aisle. As stated by another reviewer, Air France has a huge armrest between the seats and it takes up way too much room and cannot be fully raised and stowed between the seat backs. Someone has to come up with a design to carry the entertainment system without taking 1/3 of the foot space in 36K. Also, the padding for the rear was woefully inadequate for a long haul flight. On our flight the seat in front was broken so when the passenger put his seat back the movie screen was 5 inches from my nose--in other words "Hey, Air France--one word-'maintenance!'" As far as entertainment--the movie/ TV selections were old and/or geared to kids.
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