Air Canada Boeing B777 300ER (77W) North America Layout 2 seat review by Alex Bigelow #27766

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FromRichmond-Vancouver Intl (YVR)
ToHong Kong-Hong Kong International (HKG)
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This is by far the WORST Air Canada long-haul plane I've ever experienced. I was in Economy class in 23K on the way down, and then I upgraded to Business Class on the way back, so have experienced both.

Economy high density class is absolutely horrific, specially if you are over 5'10 or so, or weigh more than 170. There simply is no room for your legs, arms or shoulder, you can only compare the experience to charter cheapo airlines.

In addition, due to cramming so many seats into the Econ, there's less lavatories (long line-ups), no duty free onboard (no room), not enough room for carryon, and very poor service with long waits for food. Carryon bins were full half way through the boarding and it was chaos trying to fit your stuff. Forget about bringing 2 bags or jacket with you expecting it to fit overhead, meaning you need to keep those in your tiny seat further making it less comfortable.

Lastly, while the new entertainment units are nicer than before but since you have so little room the screen is almost in your face if the seat reclines making it hard to watch.

On the way back from HKG, I paid up and got the Business Class (can't remember the seat#, it was window). While obviously it is a much improved seat versus Econ, the layout, and setup is horrendous for a business class charging thousands. The seat is so uncomfortable in any seating position you try to constantly adjust it, your knee hits the side of the seat, and if you get unlucky and get a window seat, you literally must climb over the passenger next to you to get out, are you kidding me? Further, due to more seats cramped the service is suffered compared to regular 777, 330, or 767.

Overall, I would avoid this plane at all costs! Even if you are shorter or petite, the lack of carryon space, long line-up at lavatories, poor service, no duty free, long onboarding, and very poor business class makes this a very poor plane to travel long distance on, although I have no experience with Premium Economy.
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