TUIfly flying with pets

Are passengers allowed to travel with pets on TUI fly flights?

TUI fly Deutschland allows passengers to transport animals (dogs or cats) either in the cabin, or in the hold. Each passenger may bring one pet. The animal must be transported in a secure, suitable travel container, which must be provided by the passenger, and only one animal per transport container is allowed.

Prior notification and permission from TUI fly are required, and the final decision on whether and how an animal will be accepted lies, on a case-by-case basis, with TUI fly. However, TUI fly will not transport unaccompanied pets, pregnant pets, and pets younger than 12 weeks, as well as to/from the UK, Ireland and Sweden.

How can I obtain permission from TUI fly for my pet?

Because there is a limit for the total number of animals per flight, passengers intending to travel with animals must notify TUI fly at the time of booking, stating the animal’s weight, in order to obtain permission/confirmation.

Pets can be registered online, when making the booking, together with the payment of the processing fee. If the flight has already been booked, the animal must be registered through TUI fly Service Center.

What are the passenger’s responsibilities when traveling with a pet?

Permission to travel with an animal is subject to the passenger assuming full responsibility for his/her pet:

  • Compliance with all health checks and documentation necessary for entering the country of destination.
  • Compliance with all requirements, as well as restrictions, for the import and export of animals.
  • Liability for all damage and consequential damage caused by the animal or its transportation.

IATA regulations, which can be made available upon request, apply for the transport of animals. TUI fly is entitled to refuse the carriage of the animal if conditions of carriage are not complied with.

According to EU regulations from 2004, all animals must have an animal passport, confirming an up-to-date vaccination against rabies, and be fitted with a microchip.

Pets in the Cabin

In the cabin, only animals (dogs or cats) weighing up to 8 kg will be accepted, and they must be carried in a soft, waterproof pet travel bag. The container’s dimensions must not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

The pet must not leave the container during the flight, and the animal’s head must not protrude from the travel container. The container cannot be placed on a seat even if an extra seat is purchased.

On long routes to the Caribbean, pets cannot be transported in the cabin. For safety reasons, passengers who are traveling with a pet in the cabin are not allowed to occupy seats in the first row and emergency exit rows (XL seats), as well as aisle seats.


For pets transported in the cabin, TUI fly will charge an additional fee per animal, per flight segment:

  • EUR 40 (USD 57 / GBP 35) – on international flights.
  • EUR 47.60 – on domestic (German) flights.

Pets in the Hold

In the hold, animals (dogs or cats) weighing more than 8 kg can be transported in a secure travel container. The transport container must be sturdy, resistant to internal and external damage during air travel, and with a maximum height of 83 cm.


For pets transported in the hold, TUI fly will charge an additional fee per animal:

  • EUR 60.00 (USD 83 / GBP 53) per short-haul and medium-haul international flight.
  • EUR 120.00 (USD 157.00 / GBP 100.00) per long-haul flight.
  • EUR 71.40 per domestic (German) flight.

For pets not registered in advance, TUI fly charges a processing fee of EUR 25 (USD 28 / GBP 19) at check-in.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs may travel in the cabin, without a container, free of charge. Assistance Dogs cannot be transported on flights to/from the UK (in the cabin or cargo hold), due to strict statutory regulations, and on longer routes to the Caribbean and Mexico (in the cabin), due to the duration of the flight. The number of Assistance Dogs carried in the cabin on a particular flight is restricted. Passengers who need to travel with an Assistance Dog must notify the TUI fly Service Center and obtain written confirmation.

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