TUIfly minors flying alone

Does TUI fly offer a service for children traveling alone?

If certain conditions are met, TUI fly Deutschland offers a special Escort Service for children who must travel, but cannot be accompanied by a person at least 16 years old.

At what age are children allowed to travel alone on TUI fly flights?

As a general rule, TUI fly Deutschland will carry children under the age of 12 years only if another passenger at least 16 years old accompanies and takes responsibility for them.

As an exception from the general rule, if children under 12 years of age, but at least 5 years old, need to travel on their own, TUI fly will permit them to travel alone only if the Escort Service is pre-booked.

After their 12th birthday, submission of a written declaration of consent signed by a parent/guardian is required in order for TUI fly to allow them to travel alone.

Escort Service

Bookings for children traveling alone cannot be made online. The Escort Service must be pre-booked through the TUI fly Service Center (telephone rates apply).

Some countries require that children/youths under 18 years who travel alone present authorisation forms from their parents/legal guardians. The declaration of consent must be notarized when traveling to/from Portugal.


On TUI fly flights, over and above the fare, the fees charged for the Escort Service per child and flight segment are:

  • EUR 35.70 – on German domestic flights.
  • EUR 30.00 (USD 48.00 / GBP 24.00) – on short-haul and medium-haul international flights.
  • EUR 60.00 (USD 78.00 / GBP 50.00) – on longer international flights.

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