Sun Country Airlines check-in

How can I check in for a Sun Country Airlines flight?

In addition to the traditional check-in process that can be completed at the airport ticket counter, Sun Country Airlines gives passengers the option to check in in advance, through Online Check-in. Also, at select airports, passengers may check in using a self-service kiosk.

Which check-in time limits apply for Sun Country Airlines flights?

It is the passenger’s responsibility to arrive at the airport in adequate time to allow for check-in requirements and security processing. Sun Country Airlines recommends passengers to arrive at the airport, with proper identification, 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure in Minneapolis/St. Paul (Terminal 2) and 2 hours prior to scheduled departure at all out-stations ticket counters.

All Sun Country ticket locations will be closed for check-in:

  • At U.S. airports – 45 minutes before scheduled departure time.
  • At international airports – 60 minutes before scheduled departure time.

Online Check-in


Starting 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time, Online Check-in is available until 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. Online Check-in is available only for domestic flights (within the 50 U.S. states).


The following passengers are not able to check in online for their Sun Country Airlines flights, and must check in at the airport:

  • Passengers traveling with infants.
  • Passengers traveling internationally.
  • Unaccompanied Minors.
  • Passengers with Exit row seats.
  • Passengers traveling in a group of 10 or more.


Seat selection is available during Online Check-in, but you may select your seats in advance online, at the time of booking or afterward, using the 6-letter Sun Country confirmation code or the code provided to you by a tour operator. Exit row seats, which can be purchased for $25 per seat, per segment during the booking process, by logging into My Trips, or through Reservations, are not available for purchase during Online Check-in.

During Online Check-in, passengers in First Class may pre-select their seat without charge. Passengers in Coach Class may purchase a Preferred seat (located in the front of the Coach Class cabin) for $15 per seat, per segment or, subject to availability, select a complimentary seat behind the Exit row. If seats are not available during Online Check-in, Sun Country Airlines will assign seats at the airport.

Upgrading to First Class is available during Online Check-in for a fee that varies between $89 and $189.

During Online Check-in, passengers may pre-pay for checked baggage (1st and 2nd bags). Checked baggage fees may also be paid before check-in, at the time of booking or afterward, online or by calling Sun Country Reservations. Whether you choose to pre-pay for your checked baggage or not, as long as you have the boarding pass you printed after completing the Online Check-in process, you may check your baggage with a skycap, at curbside (where available), or a Sun Country agent, at the ticket counter.

If you have trouble printing your boarding pass from your home or office printer, you must see a Sun Country agent at the ticket counter for assistance. Mobile Boarding Passes are not available for Sun Country Airlines flights.

Airport Check-in

At the airport, passengers may check in using a self-service kiosk or with a Sun Country agent at the ticket counter. In some airports, Sun Country Airlines shares ticket counter space with other carriers. All designated Sun Country locations are available for in-person check-in 2 hours prior to departure (3 hours at Southwest Florida International Airport – Fort Myers and San Francisco International Airport).

Kiosk Check-in is not available for certain passengers. Passengers traveling internationally or with children and Unaccompanied Minors are required to check in at the ticket counter. Also, passengers seated in an exit row check in at the First Class ticket counter at the airport.

For international flights, passengers can select their seats online up to 24 hours before scheduled departure. All passengers who have not selected their seat assignments in advance will be assigned seats at no charge. Seats can only be assigned at the airport during check-in a maximum of 3 hours prior to departure. A limited number of seats are withheld for check-in at the airport on the day of departure only. Also, exit row seats are available for purchase only on the day of departure at the airport.


All passengers must be checked in, either through the Sun Country Airlines website, at the airport ticket counter or kiosk, and be available for boarding at the departure gate at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights. Failure to comply with these time limits may result in cancellation of your reservation.

On all Sun Country Airlines flights, pre-boarding is offered to passengers with disabilities. Priority boarding is offered to active military personnel, passengers traveling in First Class, Ufly ELITE members, passengers seated in exit rows, and families with children under 3 years old.

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