Sun Country Airlines flying with pets

What is Sun Country Airlines’ policy on pet acceptance?

Sun Country airlines accepts pets to travel in the passenger cabin as carry-on baggage, or the cargo compartment as checked baggage. Pets are accepted conditionally and must not pose a hazard to the safety of passengers, crewmembers or ground support personnel.

Which pets are allowed and on which Sun Country Airlines flights?

Dogs and cats are the only pets accepted to travel in the passenger cabin or as checked baggage. Passenger must travel on the same flight as the pet. Sun Country Airlines will not accept pets for interline travel.

Pets as carry-on baggage are accepted for transportation on select flights within the contiguous United States. Pets are not accepted in the passenger cabin on stopover flights greater than 5 hours in duration.

Pets as checked baggage are accepted on all non-stop domestic flights within the contiguous United States, except New York (JFK). Pets as checked baggage are not accepted on multi-stop flights. There may be some domestic airports that are not equipped to handle pet transport.

No pets are accepted on international flights, connecting flights, and flights to/from Anchorage, AK.

Pets as Carry-on Baggage

Sun Country Airlines only accepts small cats and dogs, weighing no more than 16 lbs, in the passenger cabin. Advance arrangements are recommended, and availability is limited. Pet reservations can be booked only through Sun Country Airlines Reservations. When a reservation is made in advance, a non-refundable fee is charged, per segment. Pets without an advanced reservation are subject to a higher fee per segment and accepted if the maximum number of pets permitted per flight is not exceeded.

The number of pets per flight is limited. A maximum of 4 pets as carry-on baggage will be accepted per flight, with a maximum allowance of 2 pets in First Class. Sun Country Airlines limits the number of pets per passenger and carrier as follows:

  • Only one pet per ticketed passenger.
  • Only one pet per carrier.

Your pet must fit and be able to stand up and move around with ease in a carrier that does not exceed 16″ length x 11″ width x 8″ height and must be placed under the seat in front of you. Only approved soft-sided carriers specifically designed as pet carriers are accepted as long as they meet the size requirements, have a leak-proof bottom and are well-ventilated on at least two sides. Sun Country Airlines does not have carriers available at the airport.

Because the pet carrier must be stowed under the seat in front of you, seating in the exit row or the bulkhead is not permitted. When traveling with a pet and selecting seats in advance online, Sun Country Airlines recommends selecting a middle seat to accommodate the pet carrier.

Passengers traveling with pets are not able to use Online Check-in and must check in at the ticket counter. Your pet and carrier are considered a carry-on item and must be included in your regular carry-on allowance.

Your pet must remain inside the carrier, and the carrier stowed underneath the seat in front of you during the entire flight. You are responsible for your pet and may risk future travel on Sun Country if the pet is taken out of the carrier while in flight. Passengers are responsible for being knowledgeable and complying with applicable federal, state and local regulations related to pets.


When you travel with your pet in the passenger cabin, Sun Country Airlines will charge a non-refundable fee depending on when you make the reservation:

  • $125 per segment – if the reservation is booked through Sun Country Reservations.
  • $199 per segment – if the reservation is made directly at the check-in counter.

Pets as Checked Baggage

A conditional reservation for each segment must be booked with Sun Country Reservations. Because Sun Country Airlines will only accept 2 kennels per flight, there is no guarantee for pets being checked as baggage if the reservation is not made in advance, but directly at the check-in counter.

Passengers traveling with pets are not able to use Online Check-in and must check in at the ticket counter. Pets will not be accepted at curbside check-in, but only at the main Sun Country ticketing counter. Pets may not be checked in more than 4 hours prior to scheduled departure.

To be accepted, pets must be at least 8 weeks old and weaned for at least 5 days. Pets transported as checked baggage cannot be in heat, or have signs of a pre-existing condition, illness or evidence of recent surgery. Also, you must confirm that your pet is not sedated or tranquilized.

Kennel Requirements

The kennel with your pet inside can not exceed a combined weight of 100 pounds. Each kennel should contain no more than one adult dog or cat or 2 puppies or kittens of the same species younger than 6 months, of comparable size and under 20 pounds. A dog and a cat cannot travel together in the same kennel.

The following kennel requirements must be met for the pet to be accepted on Sun Country Airlines flights:

  • Only USDA-approved plastic kennels are accepted. Kennels made of wood or metal are not accepted.
  • The kennel cannot exceed 34 inches in height or 48 inches in width, but must have enough room for the pet to stand and sit erect without the head touching the top of the container, turn around and lie in a natural position.
  • The kennel must have a closing mechanism that works properly. A lock must not be placed on a kennel door. In the event of an emergency, pets must be accessible.
  • The kennel must contain absorbent material; loose litter is not accepted. The floor must be solid and leak-proof.
  • The kennel should contain two empty dishes (for food and water) that are accessible from the outside.
  • The kennel must have at least one open end (can be the door) and ventilation openings of at least 1” over the upper two thirds of the opposite end and remaining two sides. Labels must not block ventilation openings.
  • The kennel must be labeled with the pet’s name, the name of owner, address and phone number. In addition, at least one “LIVE ANIMALS” label must be affixed, and “THIS WAY UP” labels or arrows must be placed on at least two opposite sides. Sun Country Airlines will provide all required labels.

Documentation Requirements

Sun Country Airlines requires a valid health certificate for each pet transported as checked baggage that must:

  • Be issued within 30 days of departure.
  • Contain the name of pet and breed, as well as the passenger’s name and address.
  • State that the pet is in good health.
  • List administered inoculations.
  • Be signed and dated by a veterinarian.

When you travel with your pet as checked baggage in winter months (under 45º F), you must provide an Acclimation Certificate that can be obtained from a veterinarian and states that your pet is used to temperatures less than 45º F.

You must document that your pet has been offered food and water within 4 hours of check-in. Feeding and watering instructions for a 24-hour period must be provided.

Weather Restrictions

Sun Country Airlines will not accept pets as checked baggage if extreme temperatures are forecast: below 20º F (for temperatures below 45º F, the Acclimation Certificate is required) or above 70º F for snub-nosed or pug-nosed dogs and cats and above 85º F for other breeds.


Sun Country Airlines will charge a fee of $199 per kennel, per flight segment, which can only be paid on the day of departure at the airport. Unless Sun Country Airlines refuses to transport your pet, the fee is non-refundable.

Service Animals

Sun Country Airlines accepts trained Service Animals on board, at no charge. Psychiatric Assist and Emotional Support Animals are also accepted if required documentation is provided by the passenger. In addition, passengers traveling with a Psychiatric Assist or Emotional Support Animal are required to provide Sun Country Airlines with advance notification a minimum of 48 hours prior to their initial flight.

The Service Animal must remain seated on the floor at the passenger’s feet and cannot obstruct an aisle or other area used for emergency evacuation. When traveling outside the U.S. and its Territories, in order to avoid delays or the possibility of the animal being quarantined, passengers with disabilities must ensure that documentation of the animal’s health (e.g., vaccinations, health certificate, etc.) is up-to-date and ready to hand.

Requirements that apply for transportation of pets on Sun Country Airlines flights do not apply to Service Animals or Psychiatric Assist and Emotional Support Animals.

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