Jetstar Airways flying with pets

What is Jetstar policy on pet acceptance?

Unfortunately, Jetstar is unable to accept reservations for pets on any of its aircraft. Because Jetstar does not have pressurized cargo facilities, animals cannot be transported in the aircraft hold. If you would like to arrange transport for your pet, you can contact the following transport services for more information:

Can I travel with a Service Dog on Jetstar flights?

Service Dogs are accepted for transportation in the cabin, free of charge, on all Jetstar flights, except flights operated by Jetstar Pacific (BL). Passengers traveling with a Service Dog can book their flights online or by contacting Jetstar Reservations. When booking your flight through, you should check your itinerary carefully to ensure that your service dog has been recorded. If your Service Dog is not recorded on your itinerary, you must contact Jetstar Reservations immediately.

Appropriate and current service dog ID cards or documentation (such as Service Dog accreditation from the relevant body or approval letter obtained from Jetstar) must be provided when checking in at the airport check-in counter. Accreditations and approvals for Service Dogs may vary depending on the operating carrier.

Flights operated by Jetstar (JQ) and Jetstar Asia (3K)

Jetstar does not have a limit for the number of passengers traveling with an accredited Service Dog on each flight. Accredited Service Dogs includes:

  • Guide Dogs accredited by a training organization that can demonstrate membership of the International Guide Dog Federation, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, the Association for the Blind WA, Guide Dogs Qld, Guide Dogs Victoria, Guide Dogs SA/NT, Seeing Eye Dogs Australia and Royal Guide Dogs for the Blind Association of Tasmania.
  • Hearing Dogs accredited by a relevant association (e.g. Lions Hearing Dogs Inc.).
  • Assistance Dogs accredited by Assistance Dogs Australia, Canine Helpers for the Disabled Inc, Association of Australian Assistance Dogs (NQ) Inc, Smartpups Australia Inc, Righteous Pups Australia Inc, Australian Support Dogs Inc, Service Dog Training Associations accredited by Assistance Dogs International (but not candidate members), specified individual trainers accredited under the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dog Act 2009.
  • Other Service Dogs trained to assist a person with a disability (in this case, an application must be submitted to Jetstar at least 14 days prior to travel).

Flights operated by Jetstar Japan (GK)

Only Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and Mobility Assistance Dogs are accepted on board, at no additional charge. Jetstar Japan will not accept for carriage Emotional Assistance Animals. Accredited certification and training documentation must be presented at the time of checking-in.

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