Island Air flying with babies

Are there restrictions regarding acceptance of infants on Island Air flights?

Island Air does not accept infants under seven days old, nor infants in incubation. Infants are children less than 2 years old and must travel with a parent/legal guardian or adult passenger in the same compartment.

When am I required to purchase a ticket and reserve a seat for my child?

Island Air will require you to purchase a seat for your child if he/she is less than 2 years old, but you want your baby to travel in an appropriate child restraint system (CRS).

When traveling with an infant, Island Air reserves the right to request proof of age at anytime. If you are unable to provide proof of age, Island Air will charge your child the applicable fare and require that your child to occupy a seat.

All children 2 years of age and older are required to have their own reserved seat.

Lap Children

There is no charge for one infant accompanied by an adult fare-paying passenger and not occupying a seat. When you choose to hold your infant on your lap during the flight, you may book your flight online and add your baby to the booking by checking the box ‘Traveling with Infant’. You must advise the check-in agent that you are traveling with your baby as a lap child when checking in at the ticket counter.

On Island Air flights, there is no baggage fee for collapsible strollers, car seats and child booster seats. You can use a stroller or infant carrier to bring your infant to the departure gate. The infant carrier can be taken on board provided it can be properly stowed either underneath a seat or in an overhead bin for taxi, takeoff, and landing, and it does not exceed the size limitations for carry-on items. An infant carrier exceeding the size limitations for carry-on items and a stroller can be checked at the departure gate at no additional charge. The item will be placed in the cargo compartment for transportation and returned to you at the arrival gate when you reach your destination.

For a lap child’s baggage that does not qualify as a child restraint device, baggage fees do apply. A diaper bag with infant supplies will count toward your carry-on allowance, as your one personal itemAlso, one non-collapsible stroller and additional child/infant seats will be included in determining your baggage allowance and, when in excess, overweight or oversize, will be subject to baggage charges.

Infants with Reserved Seats

The use of an FAA-approved child restraint system (CRS) enhances child safety on an aircraft and, therefore, Island Air recommends that infants and small children (under 40 lbs) be secured in an appropriate restraint device when traveling by air. Infants who occupy a seat pay the applicable adult fare when traveling on an Island Air flight. Prior to proceeding to the security checkpoint, a boarding pass must be obtained for the infant.

When you choose to purchase a seat for your baby, he/she must be placed in an approved infant safety seat. The child restraint device should carry the following two labels:

  • “This child restraint system conforms to all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards”.
  • “This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft” (in red lettering).

Many child restraint devices that are designed for use in automobiles are also appropriate for use on aircraft. However, some of them are not appropriate for aviation use and are banned by the FAA. Booster seats, lap held child restraints (including belly belts) and vest/harness-type child restraint systems (other than the CARES harness) are not approved for use in aircraft.

Island Air recommends that the child safety seat be secured to a window seat, in Row 6 and back. In no case should the CRS be installed in aisles seats, emergency exit rows or the rows forward/aft of an emergency exit.

An infant’s baggage allowance is the same as that of an adult when the infant occupies his/her own reserved seat. One fully collapsible strollers and one child/infant seat may be checked at no additional charge, at the ticket counter or the gate.

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