EVA Air Baggage and Carry-on

What is EVA Air’s policy on carry-on allowance?

The carry-on allowance, baggage that passengers can carry with on board the aircraft, is restricted in size, quantity, and weight and must comply with flight safety, security and cabin regulations.

What is EVA Air’s policy on checked baggage allowance?

EVA Air uses two systems to determine the checked baggage allowance: the Piece System – to/from the US and Canada and certain countries in South and Central America, and the Weight System – on all other routes. If the checked baggage exceeds the allowance on the ticket, passengers will be required to pay an Excess Baggage Charge. The baggage can usually be tagged and checked all the way through to the final confirmed destination.

Baggage over 32 kg (70 lbs) must be repacked because it is too heavy for handlers to lift. For some special items over 32 kg, such as mobility aids (electric wheelchairs), pets, musical instruments, medical equipment, or sporting equipment, pre-notice to EVA Air Reservation office and approval at least 24 hours ahead of departure are necessary.

Carry-on Baggage

The carry-on allowance on EVA Air flights is:

  • Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, and Business Class passengers are allowed to carry two pieces of hand baggage, and each piece cannot exceed 7 kg (15 lbs).
  • Premium Economy and Economy Class passengers are permitted to carry only one piece weighing 7 kg (15 lbs).
  • The dimension of each piece of hand baggage may not be larger than 23 x 36 x 56 cm (9 x 14 x 22 in) or a total of 115 cm (45 in).

In addition to the carry-on allowance, every passenger can take on board, without additional charge (subject to local country specific restrictions), one of the following free carry-on items (of reasonable size) or an item of similar size: laptop computer, purse, small backpack, briefcase, camera case, rain gear (umbrella, raincoat), or duty-free goods. A laptop in a larger laptop bag will be counted as part of the passenger’s carry-on allowance while a laptop in a thin satchel-style bag is considered to be a personal item.

Whenever the size and/or weight of the carry-on baggage do not meet EVA Air’s standards, you may be required to pay additional charges to be transported as checked baggage. At some airports, carry-on baggage rules may be more restricted due the stowage capacity of the aircraft (e.g. Airbus A321 200). The baggage will be stored as checked baggage and placed in the cargo compartment.

Checked Baggage Allowance

The following baggage allowances depend on the route and travel class and apply on flights operated by EVA Air or when EVA Air operates the longest or most significant stretch throughout the journey (the Most Significant Carrier):

ClassWeight System
(except where the Piece System applies)
Piece System (to/from the US, Canada and certain
countries in South and Central America)
Premium Laurel
Royal Laurel
40 kg (88 lbs)2 pieces, each piece
not exceeding 32 kg (70 lbs)
Each piece may
not exceed 158 cm (62 in)
in total linear dimensions
Premium Economy35 kg (77 lbs)2 pieces, each piece
not exceeding 28 kg (62 lbs)
Economy30 kg (66 lbs)2 pieces, each piece
not exceeding 23 kg (50 lbs)

Extra Baggage Allowance is offered to Infinity MileageLands Diamond/Gold/Silver members and other Star Alliance Members:

Card TierWeight SystemPiece System
Infinity MileageLands Diamond & Gold Card
Star Alliance Gold status
20 kg (44 lbs)1 piece of 23 kg (50 lbs)
Infinity MileageLands Silver Card on EVA operating sectors10 kg (22 lbs)

Excess Baggage Fees

Baggage over the free allowance will be subject to excess baggage fees calculated on a zone basis and according to the applying baggage system:

  • Weight System: four zones (Zone 1-4) with excess baggage fees calculated per kilogram (2.2 lbs).
  • Piece System: three zones (Zone 5-7) with excess baggage fees calculated per piece.
BetweenZone 1 – W Zone 2 – W Zone 3 – WZone 4 – WZone 5 – PZone 6 – PZone 7 – P
Zone 1 – W 8 USD15 USD30 USD60 USD115 USD130 USD170 USD
Zone 2 – W 15 USD25 USD45 USD60 USD*140 USD155 USD200 USD
Zone 3 – W30 USD45 USD45 USD60 USD150 USD170 USD210 USD
Zone 4 – W60 USD60 USD*60 USD160 USD180 USD230 USD
Zone 5 – P115 USD140 USD150 USD160 USD
Zone 6 – P130 USD155 USD170 USD180 USD
Zone 7 – P170 USD200 USD210 USD230 USD
*45 USD per kg between BKK (Zone 2) and AMS, VIE, LHR (Zone 4).
Zone 1: Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Philippines.
Zone 2: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.
Zone 3: Asia (excluding Zone 1 & Zone 2), Middle East, Oceania (except Guam).
Zone 4: Africa, Europe, Russia.
Zone 5: West Coast of the US and Canada (LAX, SEA, SFO, YVR).
Zone 6: East Coast of the US and Canada (JFK, YYZ) and interior points in the US and Canada.
Zone 7: Central and South America.

Under the Piece System, additional fees apply for pieces of baggage, including those in the free baggage allowance, that exceed the weight or size restrictions:

Excess Baggage Additional Fee
Over 23 kg (50 lbs) and up to 32 kg (70 lbs)USD 32 per piece
Over 32 kg(70 lbs)3 times the extra baggage fee per piece
Over 158 cm (62 in) and up to 203 cm (80 in)USD 100 per piece
Over 203 cm (80 in)USD 300 per piece

Prepaid Excess Baggage Fees

A 10% discount applies when purchasing baggage in advance on EVA Air website. Prepaid excess baggage is available for purchase after the purchase of the ticket and up to 24 hours before departure time:

  • Weight System – up to 100 kg in total, in increments of 5 kg (5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, etc.) and with maximum 30 kg for each baggage.
  • Piece System – up to 5 pieces of excess baggage with maximum 23 kg per piece of checked baggage.

Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment will be considered as normal checked baggage and included in the free baggage allowance. Advance notice to EVA Air is required at the time of booking for the following sporting equipment: angling/fishing, archery, bicycle, canoe, hang gliding, paragliding, scuba diving, ski, sporting firearms, surfboard, water ski, windsurfing.

The following sporting equipment may be considered as a piece of baggage at 158 cm (62 in) irrespective of the actual dimensions: angling/fishing, archery, bicycle, bowling, golf, hockey/lacrosse, scuba diving, ski, water ski, sporting firearms.

For canoes, surfboard, hang gliding and windsurfing equipment, Eva Air will collect the oversized baggage fee if it’s oversized under the Piece System.

Baggage Services

You should allow 20 to 60 minutes for your baggage to be delivered to the claim area because the sequence and priority for unloading the baggage are determined by the cabin class and loading position. As soon as you determine that your baggage has been delayed, lost or damaged, you should contact EVA Air airport personnel and submit a claim report.

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