Egyptair flying with babies

Is there a minimum age for acceptance of infants on Egyptair flights?

Egyptair doesn’t have a restriction on a minimum age that the infant should be. However, the airline does not recommend flying with newborn babies less than seven days old. Also, premature babies will be accepted only after positive medical clearance. A medical attendant, qualified physician, or nurse must accompany premature babies requiring medical attention.

Does Egyptair offer discounts for infants and children?

Infants (i.e. babies under 2 years old not occupying a seat) have a discount 90% of the applicable adult fare.

Accompanied children aged 2-11 years have a discount of 25% of the applicable adult fare.

One adult may travel with only one infant. If an adult travel with 2 babies under 2 years of age, the child discount will apply for the second baby.

Traveling with Babies

Egyptair staff is available to assist mothers and babies throughout the entire flight. Carrycots, which are normally located at the front of each cabin section (the bulkhead position), may be used during the flight. For safety reasons, during take-off, landing and during continued or severe turbulence, babies must be seated on their parent’s lap. Passengers should request a bulkhead seat when reserving the ticket to ensure the carrycot position. However, you should know that bulkhead seats cannot be requested online.

Baggage Allowance

For the comfort of passengers traveling with infants, Egyptair provides a baggage allowance for infants too:

All Travel ClassesChecked BaggageHand Luggage
Number of PiecesMaximum Weight
Per Piece
Maximum Dimensions
Per Piece
To/from the US & Canada1 piece23 kg / 50 lbs115 cm / 45 in1 fold-up
collapsible stroller
International Routes
(except the US & Canada)
1 piece10 kg / 22 lbs
Domestic Routes

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