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FromCairo-Cairo International (CAI)
ToNew York-John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
Flight was comfortable, until the flight attendant moved another passenger into the empty H seat next to me about 45 minutes into the flight. It seemed the man's wife, whom he had originally been sitting next to, wanted more elbow room to spread out. Unfortunately, this now meant that I had none and I wound up standing for most of the 12 hour flight. I have a spinal injury that makes it very difficult to get comfortable on long flights, especially when having to fight with the guy next to me for the armrests. As a result, I wound up in alot of pain and exhausted from the flight after getting no sleep at all. To make matters worse, my connecting flight with American was cancelled for ever-changing reasons and I could no longer stand up in their line, because I was so tired from this flight. Also, nearly every toilet was dirty within 2 hours after takeoff, I had to replace the toilet paper in 4 different toilets during the flight, after the flight attendant showed me how to open the storage cabinet behind the mirror. Also, by mid-flight the plane was very dirty with garbage, soiled napkins and other paper products all over the floor. On the upside, the food was good (they ran out of the chicken by the time I was served dinner, so I had the other meat by necessity) and the cabin crew was pretty pleasant. The flight was also very close to on time.
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToCairo - Cairo International (CAI)
Egyptair MS778 on the 18th August 2017. Always fly Egyptair when going to Egypt on holiday. Now this isn't Emirates or Etihad or BA business but for the very reasonable price is a very competitive business product. Fast Track check in and lounge on all business class tickets with Egyptair. The seats are very comfortable full leather with a slight angled full down but plenty of electronic adjustment to get the most comfortable position. Table is in armrest and is a good size, entertainment system is above average and is in the seat in-front with a large screen and there are enough movies, new old, TV, music enough for the 5 hour flight from London to Cairo. The cabin crew are also very professional and attentive but not overly so, but the service was with a pleasant demeanour, and helped with my bad attempts at Arabic which they put right for me.The food served was very tasty and it was plentiful. The only down side for Egyptair is that it is a dry flight yet Egypt do produce some very good wines and beers so why Egyptian wines and beer is not aboard for the meal service ?????? Well maybe soon!!!!! All in all for price and product it is a very competitive option , and will get better and better im sure.
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FromCairo - Cairo International (CAI)
ToNew York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
Will not fly Egypt air business class again. Poorest overall business class experience of I have flown of any of the airlines I have flown. My wife and I sat in Seats 9a and 9b and they are the best in business class. Lots of leg room. Away from bathrooms and galleys. Seats are the narrowest I have experienced in business class. They are angle flat and not totally lie flat--that made it difficult to get comfortable other than lying on my back. The seats are at least one generation old. Food was absolutely awful for business class. Poorly presented and poor choices. Food also looked awful. Unbelievable. No alcoholic beverages served which I expected on Egypt air. Service by flight attendants was disinterested. Got a good price on Cairo to JFK flight. Only half of business class full. Few Americans on the flight. Understandable based on poor quality of service and food. No star alliance connections available at JFK. Entertainment was fine. No WiFi Egypt air business class lounge in Cairo was also awful. Crowded and dark and few food and drink choices.
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ToCairo - Cairo International (CAI)
Our family of 6 had rows 24 and 25 on the right both legs- from JFK to Cairo and for the return. Seats are comfortable. leg room is decent. My husband and 2 sons are all 6 + ft and 2 had the aisle seat, 1 had the window. They could've used maybe 2 extra inches but they all seemed ok. I like the foot rests present. The Cai to JFK leg had very poor steward / stewardess service - never came around to offer water and always took at least 10 - 15 minutes to respond to the call button.
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FromToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
ToCairo - Cairo International (CAI)
From boarding to landing everything went smooth and on time. From Toronto to Cairo food was served 3 times, lots of soft drinks, tea and coffee been offered multiple times trough out whole flight. New earphones for entertainment, which had some for all category from children to International and retro options.
On the way back from Cairo to Toronto on 12 hours flight was totally different story. Staff was lazy, not sure if they were sleeping whole was served hour after take off and hour before landing, no drinks in between not even water.
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FromNew York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
ToCairo - Cairo International (CAI)
Egyptair is a very very premier airline in my opinion. The flight was close to on time. The service was exceptional. Food that I choose was spicy, but since I love spicy foods, I ate it all. I enjoyed, meaning the food was the best. Entertainment options are good. I had enough space, and I felt comfortable. Overall, this is the best airline ever. Hope many people get a chance to fly this route, or any route on Egyptair. I would fly Egyptair again. Absolutely!
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FromToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
ToCairo - Cairo International (CAI)
All in all a relatively good experience. Egypt air was not our first selection but we found it the most convenient flight. The pilot was Grade A, Cabin crew were responsive and very good, and we were lucky that the passengers around us were calm and considerate. I would say that this was a pleasant experience. There were ample lavatories so line ups were rare. My only complaint was that the seat recline was not sufficient as we were seated against a dividing wall
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FromNew York-John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
ToCairo-Cairo International (CAI)
This flight is the best. The chicken for dinner, the pepsi, I LOVE this airline. The best part is that I got at least 4.5 hours of sleep out of the 9hrs and 20mins flight it was. Although, JFK traffic was so bad , it caused the flight to take off at 8:30pm ( 2 hours delay) . I don`t blame Egyptair , though.
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I really did enjoy the flight, it was an aisle economy seat on a two seat row at the back close to the lavatory, I didnt mind the noise from the lavatory, the noise from the engine is relatively loud but it didnt stop me from napping, I was right behind a three seat row so I had space for an extra hand bag...
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FromCairo-Cairo International (CAI)
ToLondon-London Heathrow (LHR)
Modern cabin with full flat seats. Good food. No alcohol. Good service. IFE was limited.

A modern aircraft comparable to most other B77W's in other airlines.

Pity they have stopped this aircraft to London.
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