Seat Map Egyptair Airbus A330 300

Seat map for Egyptair Airbus A330 300

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Business 36
Economy 265

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Seat 11G
From London-London Heathrow (LHR)
To Cairo-Cairo International (CAI)

Excellent service a
No very comfortable seat which inverted
To a flat bed under slight angle so you could still watch the
Screen of the monitor if you so desired. Food was delicious. Beautiful large range of fruit drinks available. Chocolates were .superb! Seat next to me
Free so much space.
Eating in business was 2-2-2. Good up to date films. Arabic as well as Western. Check-in went fast a
No very smooth. I used the United Airlines a lounge as Star Alliance lounge at LHR T2 (in actual fact T1) service, facilities and food excellent!. The whole experience was great. Only disappointing past was the wheelchair assistance at Cairo airport T3. Further nothing then praise for Egypt Air. I nearly forgot to mention their very generous luggage allowance. Best I have ever had in business on that route with any airline.
Well done Egypt Air!
Legroom, seat width, seat, entertainment, food/drink and service excellent, but cannot work the star system below.

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5 of 5
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Seat 11G
From Cairo-Cairo International (CAI)
To London-London Heathrow (LHR)

Excellent experience from start to Finnish! I was given priority from my flight from Aswan to Cairo to the plane MS 777. Went smooth. The cabin was quiet clean and space full seat was possible to be adjusted in all positions from chair to flat bed. Blanket, two pillows and headset were sealed I. Plastic, so clean. Food was all presented beautifully like pieces of art, excellent quality and choice. Excellent personal service. Stickers to let staff know if one wanted to be awaken for meals or duty free. Lots of space. Seat next to me was kept empty. Nearly one attendant to two passengers! Never waiting for toilets, which were very clean! When I arrived at LHR I had a priority card through customs and my luggage was already waiting and taken of the belt when I arrived. It was a wonderful experience. I will definitely fly them again. Thank you Egypt Air for your wonderful service experience.

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2.5 of 5
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Seat 30G
From London-London Heathrow(LHR)
To Cairo-Cairo International(CAI)

This is one of the worse flying experience among many flights I took each month. The seats arranged in 2-4-2 made the isle too narrow to roll carry-on. Leg room is below par and seats were uncomfortable. Small windows made the cabin looked very congested. The environment is no better or worse than other A330 aircrafts run by many airlines.

Flight was delayed almost two hours. Cabin crews were trying to deliver services, but there is not much to provide. Very limited choice of beverage. I declined the food because it did not look appealing to me.

May be the way to fix the problem is lower my expectation and fly business class next time.

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2.5 of 5
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Seat 2c
From Beijing-Beijing Capital Int. (PEK)
To Cairo-Cairo International (CAI)

Worse trip ever in business class,worse service ,worse food,and worse seats not comfortable at all and a very dirty cabin most of the occupied seats are complimentary for friends and they have a very loud voices no consideration for other sleeping people the hostess was seen twice only during the whole trip once when serving the awful food and once when they picked the tray and worse entertainment

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4.5 of 5
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Seat 38a
From london
To cairo

this plane always takes off late of its time at 3 pm from Heathraw which disturbs my next arrangemen!ts of reservation; the crew always says that the plane came late from cairo and the condition of bad weatheras an apology for the passangers, but two hours late in take off is too much!!

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3.5 of 5
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Seat 25D
From Toronto-Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
To Cairo-Cairo International (CAI)

EGYPTAIR WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST! I am an ex flight attendant and I was amazed by the great improvements on the plane new logo/uniform/great hospitality, smooth take off and landing! loved everything except the turbulance!!!
I hope they don't close this route!

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3.5 of 5
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Seat 22A
From Johannesburg - Oliver Reginald Tambo International (JNB)
To Cairo - Cairo International (CAI)

Plane was quite modern and fairly comfortable although for 6"2 man like myself sat next to another tall person the seats were a little on the small side which made an overnight flight less comfortable than it could have been

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Seat 5
From London-London Heathrow (LHR)
To Cairo-Cairo International (CAI)

Takeoff at 10:30 pm in my opinion is great . Enough time for arrival of connecting flights in London , if your flight arrives at 7:30 pm or before. MS 780 to Cairo was one of the best

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4.5 of 5
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Seat 26A
From Cairo-Cairo International (CAI)
To Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)

The plane was half filled, great check in, no luggage-weight problems, only 15 min. late take off.
Staff very good, some break during sleeping-time, good movies and meals. The seating was comfortable.
Economy starts with seat no.20!

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1.5 of 5
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Seat 39A
From Johannesburg
To Egypt

We sat just behind the toilets and it was not very pleasant. Terrible smell like dirty feet. Seats where quite cramped

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