Cebu Pacific Air flying with pets

What is Cebu Pacific policy on pet acceptance?

Pets are generally not carried on Cebu Pacific flights unless the passenger shows, to the satisfaction of Cebu Pacific Air, the necessity of carrying the animal, or the airline is required by law to carry the animal. All animals must have any required clearances from appropriate government authorities.

Service Dogs

Cebu Pacific accepts the carriage of Service Dogs in the cabin only provided that:

  • The dog owner assumes full responsibility for any required clearances from the appropriate government authorities.
  • The passenger presents a document confirming that the Service Dog has been trained to an acceptable level.
  • Upon check-in, evidence that the dog is a service animal is presented.
  • The Seeing Eye Dog will not occupy a seat.
  • For flights of more than 8 hours, the owner presents a document showing that, for the duration of the flight, the animal does not need to relieve itself or provides an absorbent plastic-backed pad.
  • On flights to/from the US, Service Animals include emotional support or psychiatric service dogs.

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