Cebu Pacific Air flying with babies

What are the policies for babies traveling on Cebu Pacific flights?

Cebu Pacific refuses carriage of infants less than 8 days old. One adult is allowed to carry one infant only, regardless if the infant occupies or not a seat.

Does Cebu Pacific Air offer discounts for babies?

Infants between 8 days old up to 2 years of age not occupying a seat shall be charged with a minimal handling fee. Infants who will occupy an aircraft seat must also use, for safety reasons, an FAA-approved car seat, and Cebu Pacific will charge the full fare.

Traveling with Infants

Infants (passengers who are less than 2 years old) will not be offered Prepaid Baggage Allowance. However, a baby stroller may be checked free of charge.

Baby bassinets are available on A330 aircraft. Bulkhead seats 1E, 2B, 3H and 36D provide access to a baby bassinet. The use of baby bassinet is free of charge when bulkhead seats are pre-booked (fees apply). For safety reason, the infant must weigh no more than 11 kg to be allowed to use a baby bassinet.

Cebu Pacific Air offers priority boarding to passengers traveling with infants or children.

Expectant Mothers

An Expectant Mother must advise Cebu Pacific of the progress of her pregnancy upon booking and at the time of check-in. Cebu Pacific requires for the carriage of Expectant Mothers with age of gestation 34 weeks and beyond a medical certificate with the notation “Fit to Travel” and signed by a physician.

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