Cebu Pacific Air check-in

How can I check in for a Cebu Pacific flight?

When traveling on a Cebu Pacific flight, many options are available for passengers to check in before or after arriving at the airport:

  • Web/Mobile Check-in.
  • Self Check-in Kiosks.

What is the deadline for checking-in at the Cebu Pacific counters?

Check-in counters open 120 minutes before scheduled time of flight departure for domestic flights. For international, check-in counters open 3 hours before flight departure. The check-in deadline is 45 minutes before flight departure (1 hour before flight departure for flights from Dubai, 50 minutes before flight departure for flights from Shanghai).

All applicable checks must be completed at check-in, like visa and travel document checks and payment of checked baggage fees and excess baggage charges. Cebu Pacific Air may refuse to check in a passenger and proceed to cancel that passenger’s confirmed reservation for release to waitlisted passengers if the passenger fails to show up at the check-in counters before the check-in deadline of the flight.

Web/Mobile Check-in

Cebu Pacific’s Web/Mobile Check-in service allows passengers to check in for a flight from 72 hours up to 1 hour for domestic flights and up to 4 hours for international flights before departure time.

Mobile Check-in is not available for flights to/from the US.

The Web/Mobile Check-in service is available to all passengers whose booking has been confirmed except:

When checking in via the Cebu Pacific website, you can choose and purchase add-ons, such as prepaid baggage, meal, seat, etc. When checking in via the Cebu Pacific app, you cannot choose add-ons.

Passengers must print/save the boarding pass and must read the notes printed on their boarding pass carefully during the Web/Mobile Check-in process. For some international destinations, only a boarding reminder will be issued. Flight changes and cancellations can’t be made once you’ve checked in.

Web and Mobile boarding passes are accepted at the following airports:

  • For domestic flights – all airports across the Philippines.
  • For international flights – Bangkok, Denpasar,  Dubai, Fukuoka, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Nagoya, Osaka-Kansai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo-Narita.

Seats are automatically assigned during Web/Mobile Check-in, but you can change and choose your seat for a fee. Emergency exit row seats will be displayed for easy identification. In order to comply with safety regulations, Cebu Pacific reserves the right to reseat passengers already seated on emergency exit seats if they do not meet the criteria.

Procedure at the Airport Terminal

For international flights, your documents still have to be verified. You must personally report to the Cebu Pacific’s dedicated Web Check-in Counter at the airport for the applicable visa and travel document checks. If you have any checked baggage, you will have to be present at the Web Check-in Counter at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure or at the time prescribed by the airline for tag placement.

Passengers should present a valid photo ID and the Web/Mobile Check-in Boarding Pass for security clearance as well as for boarding. Valid IDs for this purpose are Passport, School ID, SSS Card, Company ID, Driver’s License, Tax Identification Number (TIN) Card. The name in the valid photo ID should match the passenger name that was entered upon booking.

Passengers can proceed to the boarding gate if they are traveling on domestic flights without checked baggage.

Cebu Pacific Air will proceed with the flight without the passengers if they fail to show up at the dedicated Web Check-in counters or at the boarding gate within the prescribed period, without incurring any liability. In that case, the passenger will not be entitled to refund the fare or rebook the flight or apply for the creation of a Travel Fund.

Self-Check-in Kiosks

Cebu Pacific’s Self-Check-in Kiosk service opens 8 hours before the flight. Passengers can do self-service check-in up to 1 hour before departure time. This service is available to all passengers except the following passenger categories that must proceed to the check-in counters for their check-in process:

  • Unaccompanied Minors.
  • Passengers with infants.
  • Expectant mothers.
  • Passengers requiring special assistance or with reduced mobility.
  • Passenger of 10 or more under one booking record.

For international flights, even if you have no baggage to check, you must drop by Cebu Pacific bag drop counters for your documents to be verified not later than 45 minutes before the flight. Passengers can proceed to the boarding gate if they are traveling on domestic flights without checked baggage.


Customers must present their valid travel documents, including but not limited to, identification card, passport, visa, and boarding pass (in case of web check-in) both at airport security checks and at the boarding gate.

Passengers must be present at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before flight departure.

Cebu Pacific Air offers priority boarding to passengers traveling with infants or children, Unaccompanied Minors, expectant mothers, passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility, passengers with medical conditions, and other passengers needing special assistance.

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