Blue Panorama Baggage and Carry-on

Find below Blue Panorama approved luggage and carry-ons!

What is Blue Panorama policy on carry-on allowance?

On all flights of Blue Panorama, each passenger may carry only one unchecked baggage. In addition, a few items may be carried on board free of charge.

What is Blue Panorama policy on checked baggage allowance?

On Blue Panorama flights, passengers may be entitled to a free baggage allowance or not, depending on their itinerary and travel class:

  • No free baggage allowance – domestic, Europe, and Sal, Cape Verde.
  • Free baggage allowance included:
    • Domestic flights within Italy and international flights to Europe for GDS fares (IATA tickets purchased through travel agencies) – 1 checked bag up to 20 kg.
    • Long-haul intercontinental flights for all fares:
      • Economy Class – 1 piece of checked baggage up to 23 kg.
      • Blue Class – 2 pieces of checked baggage up to 23 kg each.

On  flights  from  Cuba  to  Italy,  Cuban  citizens are  entitled to a maximum weight of 32 kg per piece (instead of 23 kg) in all travel classes.

Carry-on (Hand Baggage)

The dimensions of your carry-on bag should not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm, including handle and wheels, and the allowed weight for hand luggage is no more than 10 kg for all flights.

In order to choose transportation in the cabin or the compulsory carriage in the hold as checked baggage, Blue Panorama reserves the right to check the actual size of the luggage at the airport with a special meter (sizer). If your hand baggage is found to be exceeding the allowed size, the cost for its transportation will be:

  • 50 EUR for flights marketed under the “blu-express” low-cost brand.
  • 150 EUR for scheduled Blue Panorama flights.

In addition to the carry-on allowance and for all Blue Panorama flights, it is allowed the free transportation of the following items:

  • A handbag.
  • A briefcase or notebook.
  • A coat or blanket.
  • A camera or binoculars.
  • Reading material for the flight.
  • Baby food.
  • A fully collapsible wheelchair.
  • Crutches or other prostheses provided the passenger is dependent on them.

Liquids are allowed in small quantities in hand luggage. You should pack liquids in individual containers, with a capacity of maximum 100 milliliters or equivalent, which must be packed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag of a capacity not exceeding 1 liter. The dimensions of this bag should not exceed 18 x 20 cm. Containers must fit comfortably inside the bags so passengers must be able to close such bags without problems. Each passenger shall be allowed to carry only one plastic bag of the dimensions mentioned above.

Baggage carried by passengers without a label shall not be accepted on board, therefore on each unchecked baggage labels must be placed by the passenger with their name on them. At the airport, there are identification labels for luggage available at check-in desks.

Excess Baggage

On Blue Panorama flights, the maximum weight limit for each checked bag is 32 kg, and the sum of its dimensions (length, height, and width) must not exceed 160 cm.

Blu-express Low-cost Flights, Domestic and European Flights

For scheduled flights marketed under the “blu-express” low-cost brand, domestic flights within Italy and international flights to Europe and Sal, Cape Verde, the transport of checked baggage for each passenger holding a ticket purchased through the website and contact center (WEB fare) is subject to payment according to the following scheme:

  • Domestic flights within Italy (except to Lampedusa and Pantelleria) and international flights to Albania:
    • For 1 bag up to 20 kg, you should pay 10 EUR for advance purchase and 20 EUR on departure. The price for excess baggage is 10 EUR per kg.
    • For 2 bags up to 30 kg in total, you should pay 20 EUR for advance purchase and 40 EUR on departure. The price for excess baggage is 10 EUR per kg.
  • Domestic flights to Lampedusa and Pantelleria and international flights to Europe:
    • For 1 bag up to 20 kg, you should pay 20 EUR for advance purchase and 40 EUR on departure. The price for excess baggage is 10 EUR per kg.
    • For 2 bags up to 30 kg in total, you should pay 40 EUR for advance purchase and 80 EUR on departure.
  • From the third bag, their entire weight will be assessed as excess baggage at a cost of 10 EUR/kg.

The total weight of the checked baggage shall not exceed 30 kg total in case of purchase of 2 additional bags. A maximum of 2 pieces of luggage per passenger per flight may be purchased in advance. The advance purchase can be done online or through the Contact Center up to 4 hours before departure. In the case of round trips, the addition of checked baggage for just one flight must be made through the Contact Center or at the airport ticket office on the day of the departure.

For domestic and European flights, each passenger holding an IATA ticket purchased through a travel agency (GDS fare), the purchase of additional baggage is not allowed, and the charge for the excess weight of the free bag up to 20 kg free is 10 EUR/kg.

Intercontinental Long-Haul Flights

On intercontinental flights, for each passenger, the transportation of checked baggage is ruled by the following scheme:

Long-haul Intercontinental Flights – All Fares Types
Travel ClassAdditional Bag up to 23 kgExcess Weight
Economy Class
(maximum 2 additional bags)
Advance purchase – 75 EUR/bag
On departure – 150 EUR/bag
18 EUR/kg
Blue Class
(maximum 1 additional bag)
Important: On flights from Cuba to Italy, Cuban citizens are entitled to a maximum weight of 32 kg per piece (instead of 23 kg) in all travel classes but cannot not purchase additional bags when traveling in Blue Class, and can purchase only 1 additional bag when traveling in Economy Class.

In all cases, advance purchase can be done via Web or Contact Center up to 4 hours before departure. The ticket offices of the airport handler could apply an administrative fee for the collection of the amount of the additional baggage. You have to pay at the airport ticket office the amount due to the increase in the luggage weight not made through the website. If the passenger voluntarily cancels the trip, payment of the luggage weight is not refundable.

Strollers, travel cots, and wheelchairs are transported free of charge. These can be taken to the stairs or door of the plane, where they shall be taken into custody by the airport staff and stowed in the hold. Their return can take place at the side of the plane, after landing, whenever possible, or directly at the luggage claim belt.

Allowance for checked baggage cannot be combined and/or shared with that of other passengers or may not be combined and/or shared at check-in with that of other passengers on the same flight, it must be intended per passenger (personal). Fragile or perishable items, money, jewelry, silverware and precious metals, securities, debt securities, shares or other securities or the like, will not be accepted as checked baggage.

Musical Instruments

If your musical instrument meets the measures allowed by Blue Panorama, it is possible to transport musical instruments such as cello, harp or others in the cabin by booking and paying an extra seat at the applicable rate. The instrument should be transported inside a rigid, non-deformable case, which does not exceed the following dimensions: 52 x 40 x 135 cm (width x depth x height). If it is not removable, their mounted foot on the bottom must also be within these dimensions, and double basses are not allowed in the cabin. Remember that their check-in time must be at least 60 minutes before the deadline, and on board, the instrument shall be placed in the seats immediately in front of a bulkhead or, on those close to the window.

Any instrument exceeding the length of 100 cm must be carried as checked baggage, always outside the normal baggage allowance. The fee charged is:

  • 30 EUR per piece per flight on scheduled flights marketed under the “blu-express” low-cost brand (domestic and European flights).
  • 18 EUR/kg for scheduled international flights to the Caribbean, as well as in general for all intercontinental flights.

Sporting Equipment

Blue Panorama allows passengers to transport sporting equipment. There is a fee of 10 EUR/kg for transportation of sporting equipment of any kind on flights marketed under the “blu-express” low-cost brand, domestic and European flights.

On international flights to the Caribbean and the Americas, plus, in general, for all intercontinental flights, fees for this special baggage are:

  • 60 EUR per flight for each golf equipment.
  • 100 EUR per flight for each bike, surf equipment, and snowboard equipment.
  • 150 EUR per flight for each windsurfing or kitesurfing equipment.
  • 18 EUR/kg per flight for each sporting equipment not mentioned specifically.

Baggage Service

Passengers are required to keep the baggage tag and report any claim before leaving the baggage pick-up area. Acceptance of baggage without any written complaint at the time of pick-up is the presumption that luggage was delivered in good condition, and it shall not be possible to claim any refund request. A Property Irregular Report (PIR) will be filled in case of complaints concerning loss, damage or delay when delivering baggage. The PIR opened by the Lost and Found Office is not a valid notice, since passengers must send a written complaint to Blue Panorama within 7 days in case of damage and within 21 days from the date of delivery in case of delay in the return of luggage.

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