Blue Panorama flying with babies

Which are the policies for children traveling on Blue Panorama flights?

Passengers who, at the flight date, have not become 2 years old are infants according to Blue Panorama policies. Infant passengers cannot travel alone but only accompanied by parents and/or relatives who have a legal authorization. Blue Panorama shall not allow more infant passengers on board accompanied by only one passenger who is at least 18 years old.

According to Blue Panorama policies, children are passengers who, at the flight date, have become 2 years old, but must still turn 12 years old. With regard to tariffs, children can have discounts according to the rules established by the fare paid. Children can travel only if accompanied by an adult.

On Blue Panorama flights, are there any restrictions for acceptance of infants?

Blue Panorama shall accept that one passenger who is at least 18 years old accompany on board only one infant passenger. Infants may travel only sitting on the lap of an adult and only in Economy class. You can book your Blue Panorama flight online even when traveling with an infant.

The infant fare is 25 EUR for flights marketed under the “blu-express” low-cost brand, domestic and European flights and 10% of the adult fare for international long-haul Blue Panorama flights, the Caribbean and the Americas, and all intercontinental flights.

Infant Baggage & Amenities on Blue Panorama Flights

Adult passengers traveling with infants can receive for free within the limits of the stock on board a limited amount of baby food (meat/fruit/vegetables) if they do not carry with themselves the necessary baby food for their babies. Hot water will be available on board for the eventual preparation of freeze-dried foods.

Blue Panorama offers a cradle service (bassinet / baby basket), but only some aircraft give the possibility to use this service. However, bassinets cannot be reserved in advance and are subject to availability and confirmation only at the time of check-in.

On flights marketed under the “blu-express” low-cost brand, or on domestic and European flights, infants are not entitled to free baggage allowance.

Infant passengers of any nationality are entitled to 10 kg baggage allowance on international scheduled flights of Blue Panorama to the Caribbean and Africa, as well as in general on all long-haul intercontinental flights.

Pushchairs, strollers and travel cradles are accepted as checked baggage free of charge. They can be brought up to the ramp and/or to the door of the airplane, where they will be taken away by the airport staff and stowed in the hold. However, it is possible to have them checked at the check-in desk, together with one’s luggage. Whenever possible, they will be returned right after landing, otherwise directly at the luggage carousel.

Required Identity Documents

Passengers under age, including children and infants are accepted only:

  • If they carry an identity card or a certificate of identity, an individual passport or an equivalent document, for domestic flights in Italy.
  • For international flights, if they carry an individual passport or an equivalent document valid for travel outside the country and recognized by the country of destination.
  • If traveling with their parents, especially when they are holders of passports issued before 2009, if such documents do not show explicitly their relationship, they must submit at check-in a family certificate, which can be requested from the local institutional bodies.
  • If they are traveling with an adult other than a parent, they must submit an authorization, in addition to the above documents, duly signed by their parents. The police or a competent institutional body shall legalize such authorization.


To avoid damage to health and for safety reasons, Blue Panorama will refer to the below mentioned regulations for the carriage of pregnant women:

  • Pregnant women are required to inform Blue Panorama of their condition at the time of booking.
  • Pregnant women will be allowed on board the aircraft without medical certificate up to 28 weeks of pregnancy. Blue Panorama may require a document certifying that the pregnant woman has not passed the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy.
  • You have to submit a medical certificate attesting the capability to fly and the pregnant woman’s good health, as well as the child’s foreseen date of birth between 29 and 36 weeks.
  • Over 37 weeks, pregnant women are not allowed on board.

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