ANA - All Nippon Airways flying with babies

Are there any age conditions for babies traveling on ANA – All Nippon Airways flights?

Babies less than 8 days old  will  not  be  accepted  on  ANA  flights. Also, infants (up to 2 years of age on international flights, up to 3 years of age on domestic flights) and children must be accompanied by a passenger at least 12 years of age.

How can I travel with my baby on ANA – All Nippon Airways flights?

Depending on the child’s age and route, ANA may require you to purchase a separate seat for your child:

International FlightsChild’s AgeDomestic Flights
Travel on adult’s lapInfant fareInfantLess than 2 years oldInfantTravel on adult’s lapFree of charge
Infants can be seated
in a separate seat**
Child fare
Children must be
seated in a seat
Child fareChild2 years oldInfants can be seated
in a separate seat**
Child fare
3-11 years oldChildChildren must be
seated in a seat
Child fare
*Infant fare – 10% of applicable adult fare.
Child fare – 75% of applicable adult fare.
On certain routes or class, there may be no Infant or Child Fare, and the rate of discount may vary depending on route or class.
**When traveling in their own seats, infants can be seated using a child seat or not. If a child seat is not used, then, anytime the seat belt sign is turned on, the infant must sit on the adult’s lap. On domestic flights, it is not required to use a child seat for a 2-year-old child (he/she can be seated in a passenger seat without a child seat).

Also, one adult may accompany maximum two infants. In this case, one baby must occupy a separate seat using a child seat, and the child fare will be applied.

Reservations cannot be made online for infants occupying seats if they are under 2 years old.

Baggage Allowances for Infants

On domestic flights, infants travel free of charge on an adult’s lap, but they are not entitled to free baggage allowance.

On international flights, infants not occupying seats have a free baggage allowance of one piece of checked baggage (maximum weight and size – as per class restrictions).

Infants occupying seats and children have the same free baggage allowance as adult passengers.

On all flights, a fully collapsible stroller, carrying basket and car seat for infants/children passenger’s own use will be accepted free of charge as checked baggage.

On Japan domestic flights, the baby stroller can be brought on board only if it complies with size limitations when folded, but it will count as your carry-on bag (passengers bringing a baby stroller on board cannot bring other carry-on items with them aside from personal items such as handbags, cameras or umbrellas). On international flights, strollers are not accepted in the passenger cabin, and you will need to check your stroller before boarding.

Bassinets and Car Seats

On all international flights, except in First Class, bassinets are provided upon request. On domestic flights, bassinets are also available except on Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft and certain flights operated by partner airlines.

You should book the bassinet when you make your reservation, through ANA International Reservation and Information Center. The number of bassinet seats is limited. Bassinets may not be available on some aircrafts and classes. The dimensions of the bassinet are 85 x 45 x 33 cm, and there is a weight restriction for the infant of maximum 10 kg.

Child seats which are certified in Japan (MLIT), Europe (ECE R44), US (FMVSS1) or CARES (not suitable to use in First & Business Class on international flights, and in Premium Class on domestic flights) can be used on board. If you wish to use a child seat, you must reserve a seat in advance and purchase a child fare ticket. Due to safety reasons, a window seat is preferable. If you want to select an aisle seat, one in the center block is preferable. You may be asked to change seats in case you select other seats.

ANA Assistance for Families

Passengers can reserve seats through ANA SKY WEB/ANA SKY MOBILE and at ANA Reservation and Information Center. On international flights, infants may not occupy separate seats in First Class (on all aircraft) and Business Class on some Boeing 787-8 aircraft. On Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, only seat pairs next to each other (row D and F, E and G) can be assigned to infants and accompanying passengers in Business Class. For security reasons, adults traveling with infants and children cannot be seated in the seats near emergency exits. Assigned seats may change due to change in aircraft or other reasons.

Carry-on bed products (such as Fly-Tot or JetKids BedBox) can be used on board both ANA Domestic and international flights. As a general rule, when using a carry-on bed for children, you should reserve a window seat or a center seat in the middle section. Carry-on beds cannot be used during taxiing, take-off, landing, and when the fasten seatbelt sign is turned on and must be stored in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front during these times. In order to ensure a safe and comfortable flight, the flight attendants will check on seatbelt usage and also that other passengers are not being inconvenienced.

For an adult passenger traveling on an international flight with one or more children, all under 3 years of age, airport support is available, upon advance request, at the departure, connecting and arrival airports. To make a reservation, you must contact ANA International Reservation and Information Center at least 72 hours before departure. Airport staff will escort passengers from the check-in counter to the boarding gate and from the disembarking gate to the check-in counter or the boarding gate (for a connecting flight) or to the arrival lobby or passenger pick-up area.

For all passengers traveling with babies, rental baby strollers are available when requested at the time of check-in. Baby strollers may not be available at some airports. Strollers can be used as far as the boarding gate. Your own baby stroller must be checked, free of charge, at the check-in counter. Only at Haneda Airport Terminal 2, electric carts are available for passengers with small children. At the gate, passengers traveling with babies will be offered priority boarding (priority boarding may not be available depending on the flight conditions).

Mothers can use lavatories equipped with a diaper changing table. Paper diapers (size M size and L) are available on board. Also, if you bring your own milk, the cabin crew can prepare for you. On international flights, powdered milk is available on board in limited quantities and types.

Baby Meals and Child Meals offered on international flights require advance reservation. Reservations are accepted either online(up to 2 days prior to departure) or by telephone (24 hours before departure). Special Meals-Free from Allergies must be requested by telephone at least 48 hours before departure.

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