ANA - All Nippon Airways check-in

How can I check in for an ANA – All Nippon Airways flight?

When traveling on an ANA international flight, various options are available for passengers to check in before or after arriving at the airport:

  • Auto Check-in.
  • Online Check-in.
  • Self-Service Check-in Machines.
  • ANA Airport Counter Check-in.

Other services offered by ANA are Through Check-in, which allows passengers to proceed with boarding and carry baggage all the way to passengers’ final destination at the departure airport for itineraries with connecting flights, and SKiP service for domestic check-in.

What check-in deadlines apply for ANA flights?

If checking-in for international flights at the airport, passengers should complete the check-in at least 60 minutes before departure, except when departing from Haneda Airport, where they should complete check-in 40 minutes before departure time. The deadlines also apply for checking baggage. Passengers should be at the boarding gate 30 minutes before departure. Boarding gates close 10 minutes before departure.

For Through Check-in (where you check in for Japan domestic flights connecting to an international flight), passengers should complete the check-in at least 30 minutes before departure of the Japan domestic flight.

For domestic flights the following deadlines apply:

  • 20 minutes before departure – check-in and baggage check-in.
  • 15 minutes before departure – security check.
  • 10 minutes before departure – boarding.

Auto Check-in – International Flights

Auto Check-in is a function that allows you to automatically check in 24 hours prior to the international flight departure when you register all necessary information required for Online Check-in.

Auto Check-in is available if you have purchased a ticket which allows for pre-assigning seats. Seats must be pre-assigned 2 days prior to the departure date. You will receive a check-in notification email with boarding pass to the registered email address.

Online Check-in – International Flights

Online Check-in is available:

  • For passengers with e-tickets (online, up to 9 people at once; on mobile devices, the procedure must be done for one person at a time).
  • From 24 hours (local time) up to 75 minutes prior to departure.
  • For eligible flights:
    • All international flights operated by ANA Group.
    • Flights operated by partner airlines connecting to/from ANA international flights (Through Check-in).
    • ANA domestic flights connecting to/from ANA international flights (Through Check-in).

Online Check-in is not available in the following situations:

  • For passengers traveling with an infant.
  • If the flight to/from Japan is a codeshare flight operated by another airline.
  • For passengers with medical certificates.
  • For passengers who purchased extra seats to carry on bulky baggage.

After Online Check-in, you must obtain your boarding pass through either one of the options below:

  • Mobile Boarding Pass – you can board by displaying the 2D barcode with your mobile device.
  • Printed boarding pass:
    • Before arriving at the airport – the 2D barcode must be shown when printing out the boarding pass.
    • At the airport – either at the Self Check-in machine (available at selected airports) or at the Baggage Drop Off counter.

Self-Service Check-In Machines – International Flights

Check-in service is available through the Self-service Check-in machines, located next to the ANA airport counter. Self-service Check-in machines can be used to check in for international flights departing from Taipei (Taoyuan/Songshan), Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo (Narita/Haneda), Kansai, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai (Pudong), Seoul (Gimpo), San Jose, Seattle, Los Angeles, London Heathrow Airport, Brussels, Sydney. This service is currently suspended for passengers who use Narita-Mumbai routes.

Customers who have an e-ticket may use these machines to check in. However, passengers should come to an ANA check-in counter if they:

Passengers with domestic flights to Haneda or Itami and going by ground transportation to Narita or Kansai to fly abroad should check in for international flights at Kansai or Narita Airport. Only check-in for domestic flights can be done at domestic airports.

Passengers connecting from domestic flights to international flights departing from Kansai, Narita or Haneda airports are not able to use International Self Service Check-in machines. Passengers should go to the check-in counter at each domestic airports for both domestic and international flights.

SKiP Service – Domestic Flights

With SKIP service, passengers traveling on domestic flights do not need to check in. By completing a SKiP reservation (reservation/purchase/seat reservation in advance), you will be able to skip check-in and proceed directly to security inspection.

If the SkiP Service is available (the SKiP icon is displayed next to the seat number), you just need to make sure that you have at the airport your 2D barcode (printed online or saved on your smartphone), device with OSAIFU-KEITAI (digital wallet), or ANA Mileage Club Edy Card or ANA Card with IC functionality, which you will have to present when checking in your baggage and touch against the ticket reader when passing through security to obtain your printed security certificate and at the boarding gate to get your printed Boarding Information Slip.

You should check in your baggage at least 20 minutes before departure, pass through the Security checkpoint at least 15 minutes before departure and present at the boarding gate at least 10 minutes before departure.

The SkiP Service is not available for the following passengers, who must complete the check-in procedure at the Self Service Check-in machine or airport counter:

Through Check-in

This service is available when the following conditions are met:

  • The minimum connection time is met, and the reservation for the connecting flight is confirmed.
  • The connecting flight is operated by ANA or a partner airline for Through Check-in.

The Through Check-in service and issuing boarding passes for connecting flights may not be available due to limitations of the partner airlines’ system or connecting airport.

ANA Japan domestic flight – ANA international flight:

  • At all domestic airports in Japan (except Iki and Kitakyushu airports), passengers can proceed with Through Check-in to an ANA international flight, and the baggage will be carried to the destination.
  • Through Check-in at an ANA Japan domestic flight will be accepted at the ANA check-in counter. Passengers should complete the check-in 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • Passengers who have completed Through Check-in online do not need to check in at the airport. They should proceed to the Baggage Check-in Counter directly.

ANA international flight – ANA Japan domestic flight:

  • When connecting from an ANA international flight to an ANA domestic flight, passengers can proceed with Through Check-in at the international departure airport.
  • It may be necessary to check in the baggage again due to customs.
  • Through Baggage Check-in service can be accepted only when it is a same day connection.

ANA international flight – ANA international flight:

  • Passengers connecting to an ANA international flight on the same day can check in, including baggage, through to the final destination.

ANA international flight – Partner Airline’s Flight:

  • Through Check-in is available when connecting from an ANA international flight to a partner airline’s flight on the same day.
  • The boarding pass for the partner airline’s flight must be picked up at the ANA counter.
  • When making a connection through the U.S., passengers may be required to pick up and check in their baggage again.

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