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Find below Alitalia Airlines - Air One approved luggage and carry-ons!

What is the carry-on allowance on Alitalia flights?

Alitalia accepts free of charge one carry-on bag weighing no more than 8 kg and measuring no more than 55 cm high, 35 cm wide, and 25 cm deep (this includes handles, side pockets, and wheels) plus one accessory: handbag, briefcase, or laptop.

What is Alitalia policy on checked baggage allowance?

Except for the Light fare which includes no free baggage allowance, Alitalia allows passengers to check free of charge one or two pieces of checked baggage that cannot exceed 23 or 32 kg in weight and 158 cm in size (the sum of height + width + depth). That depends on the travel class and destination:

Free Baggage Allowance
Economy (except Light fare)1 piece up to 23 kg
Premium Economy & Comfort (Rome↔Milan)2 pieces up to 23 kg each
Business2 pieces up to 32 kg each
To/from Brazil, Japan2 pieces up to 23 kg each
Middle East (except Israel) and India ↔ the US, Canada, Mexico
Mauritius, Maldives, New Delhi ↔ Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East


You may check the size and weight of your hand baggage before proceeding to the boarding gate (take in mind that this will take time). For that purpose Alitalia staff has baggage measurers near the check-in desk. Remember that you may be denied permission to board if you fail to perform this check.

For all small luggage (maximum 45 cm width , 36 cm height, and 20 cm depth) , the ground crew will provide an “Under the seat” label, except when the flight is operated with Airbus A330 and Boeing B777 aircraft.

Pay attention to the items considered dangerous for flight security. Those are not permitted in the cabin, such as agricultural, scientific, sports and industrial tools, scissors, pencil sharpeners, pocket knives, as well as replica firearms. Remember that smoking is not allowed in Alitalia flights, for that reason no electronic cigarettes pipes or cigarettes may be smoked on board. If you fly to the U.S. you also can not take lighters on board.

Checked Baggage

The maximum weight for safety reasons is 32 kg for one piece of baggage. Remember that your baggage cannot exceed the maximum allowed size: 203 cm (height + width + depth). Also cardboard boxes may be accepted as checked baggage, you have to provide them with your name, wrapped in cellophane and comply with the maximum allowed size.

Excess Baggage Fees 

Excess baggage fees will be charged if your baggage exceeds the number of pieces, weight or size allowed. Usually, excess baggage fees are payable at the Alitalia ticket desk at the airport. However, if you know you will exceed your free baggage allowance, you can purchase extra baggage allowance online (including during Web Check-in) and get a discount on the fee charged at the airport (with a few exceptions). By calling Special Assistance within 24 hours of their departure, passengers with reduced mobility can get the same discount on the extra baggage.

If you have bought the Light fare, you will save up to 45% on the fee charged at the airport if you buy extra baggage online, in the “My Flights” section or during Web Check-in (exception, to/from Cairo no discount applies for online purchase of extra baggage):

Light Fare – 1st bag fee per segment
Domestic and international

medium-haul flights

€25 – online, through call centers and authorized travel agents*

€45 – at the airport

Long-haul intercontinental flights

€50 – from Europe to the US, Canada, Mexico

€55 – from Italy to Brazil, Argentina, Chile

$60 – from the US, Canada, Mexico to Europe, and from Brazil, Argentina, Chile to Italy

**Not available for departures from: Amsterdam, Beirut, Belgrade, Copenhagen, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Fuerte Ventura, Geneva, Gran Canaria, Havana, Heraklion, Ibiza, Krakow, Lampedusa, Menorca, Mykonos, Olbia, Oran, Palma de Mallorca, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Podgorica, Rhodi, Santorini, Split, Tenerife, Teheran, Tirana, Tunis, Zurich.

For additional checked baggage with the Light fare and for all other fares, the following fees will apply at the airport for excess baggage:

Excess Baggage Fees (the US, Mexico, and Canada excluded)

Overweight Piece

(23-32 kg)

Extra PieceOversized Piece

(158-203 cm)

2nd piece3rd to 6th piece
DomesticEUR 60 / USD 75 / CAD 95EUR 200

USD 250

CAD 320

EUR 60 / USD 75 / CAD 95
Europe, North Africa EUR 60 / USD 75 / CAD 95EUR 80 / USD 100 / CAD 130
Middle East (Egypt excluded)EUR 75 / USD 95 / CAD 120EUR 300 / USD 370 / CAD 480
Rest of the WorldEUR 100 / USD 125 / CAD 160
Fees are in: EUR (from Europe, Japan, China and Korea), CAD (from Canada) or USD (from the US and any other country not listed before).


Excess Baggage Fees – the US, Mexico

Overweight Piece

(23-32 kg)

Extra PieceOversized Piece

(158-203 cm)

2nd piece3rd to 6th piece
All routesEUR 85 / USD 100 / CAD 120EUR 240 / USD 285 / CAD 330EUR 250 / USD 300 / CAD 360
Fees are in: EUR (from Europe, Japan, China and Korea), CAD (from Canada) or USD (from the US and any other country).


Excess Baggage Fees – Canada

Overweight Piece

(23-32 kg)

Extra PieceOversized Piece

(158-203 cm)

2nd piece3rd piece
From Europe8585240250
To Europe120120330345
Other routes75-200100-120200-330250-370
Fees are in: EUR (from Europe, Japan, China and Korea), CAD (from Canada) or USD (from the US and any other country).

Sports Equipment

Under 23 kg in weight, sports equipment is considered normal baggage and included in the baggage allowance. If sports equipment exceeds 23 kg, it is subject to the normal excess baggage fees.

Pay attention that tandem bikes, windsurfing boards, and surfboards (2-3 m length) are an exception to this rule and subject to special fees:

  • 75 EUR/CAD/USD – domestic, Europe, North Africa (except Egypt).
  • 200 EUR/CAD/USD – the Middle East (including Egypt), Central Africa, Japan, China, India, Maldives, South America.
  • 125 EUR/CAD/USD – to the US and Mexico.
  • 150 EUR/CAD/USD – from the US and Mexico.
  • 125 EUR/CAD/USD – from Europe, China, Korea to Canada.
  • 175 EUR/CAD/USD – from Canada to Europe, China, Korea.
  • 100 EUR/CAD/USD – from the Middle East, North and Central Africa to Canada.
  • 120 EUR/CAD/USD – from Canada to the Middle East, North and Central Africa.

Baggage Assistance

It is advisable to place your own personal luggage tag on the baggage including contact information, so Alitalia can call you in case of a problem. Damage to valuable, fragile or perishable goods, is not covered by Alitalia’s liability for lost or damaged baggage, but if you wish to extend these limits, you should make a Declaration of Value at the airport.

You should obtain a Property Irregularity Report from the airport Lost & Found office if you should not get your luggage upon arrival. You can consider your baggage permanently lost if it is not found and returned to you 45 days after your claim.

You have to go to the airport Lost & Found office of the arrival city if your luggage is damaged during the journey. Alitalia will give you a coupon towards the purchase of Alitalia tickets or a new piece of luggage with the same characteristics as the one that was damaged (depending on the type and extent of damage to your luggage and your country of residence).

Finally, if there is something missing from your luggage, you must go to the airport Lost & Found office for assistance and send a report within 7 days of filing the Property Irregularity Report (PIR). If the theft is ascertained following a delayed delivery, you have 21 days after having received your luggage to claim for missing items.

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