Aeromexico flying with babies

When is my baby considered an infant on Aeromexico flights?

For Aeromexico, an infant is considered any boy or girl under 2 at the moment the flight begins and who will not occupy his or her own seat.

When is it necessary to purchase a ticket and reserve a seat for my baby?

Infants may only travel on their parent’s lap (or another accompanying adult’s) unless a separate seat has been booked for the infant, in order to place and fasten an infant car seat. One adult may carry in his/her lap only one infant.

A passenger who must (i.e., one adult passenger flying with more than one infant) or would like to use an infant car seat aboard the aircraft must inform Aeromexico at the time of booking and pay the child fare for the infant who will be traveling in a separate seat. A child discount of 25% of the adult fare may apply (no discount for flights to/from the US and Canada).

Infant Fare and Baggage

Infants must always fly with an adult. Infant tickets will be issued to the final destination (one-way or roundtrip) and will include connections. Aeromexico will require a passport or birth certificate to verify the infant’s age.

Infant Fares and Service Fee
Flights to/fromCharge per Segment
Domestic (within Mexico)No charge. No taxes.
United StatesNo charge. Some taxes may apply.
Canada, Europe, Asia and South America10% of the adult fare. Some taxes may apply.

Infant Baggage

On all Aeromexico flights, passengers traveling with an infant may check in free of charge one stroller or bassinet.

On international flights, in addition to one stroller, bassinet or baby carrier, an additional piece up to 20 kg (44 lbs) and 115 cm (45 inches) is permitted at no extra charge when traveling with an infant.

Infant Cribs and Car Seats

A limited number of cribs are available on Aeromexico aircraft, but an AM Plus seat must be purchased to qualify. Upon request and subject to availability, cribs are offered complimentary for infants weighing no more than 24 lbs. The crib availability will be confirmed during the check-in process.

A passenger traveling with two or more infants or who wishes to use a car seat aboard the aircraft must be in possession of his/her own infant car seat to be fastened to the aircraft seat. The car seat must:

  • Be forward-facing, certificated according to federal or local authorities, and not showing any signs of damage.
  • Have a full harness securing the lap, torso and shoulders and be fasten to the aircraft seat by a two-point harness.
  • Be designed in a way that an infant can be quickly and easily secured in or removed from the seat.

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