Adria Airways flying with pets

What is Adria Airways policy on pet acceptance?

Animals are accepted for travel in the passenger cabin or baggage hold, depending on their weight. You must pay an excess baggage charge for them, seeing as only Guide Dogs accompanying disabled passenger are accepted without any charge. Assistance Dogs accompanying disabled passengers are carried free of charge, together with a pet container and food. When traveling with your pet on Adria Airlines, you must assume full responsibility for the animal since Adria Airlines takes no responsibility for injury, loss, sickness or death of an animal.

Which pets are allowed to travel on Adria Airways flights?

Adria Airlines accepts dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc., but only dogs and cats are accepted in the passenger cabin. Your pet must be in a proper kennel, and you must present its health and vaccination certificates and other documents required for the entry and transit of those animals, like transit and exit permits.

Carry-on Pets

Only small dogs and cats that weigh up to 8 kg (including kennel) can fly in the passenger cabin, but you must have a confirmed reservation since Adria Airlines only allows a maximum of 5 pets to travel in the passenger cabin. Pets must be in their kennel at all times. The maximum dimensions of the container depend on the aircraft type. You must pay a one-way fee for transporting your pet in the passenger cabin:

  • € 50 for travel on European flights.
  • € 100 to all other destinations.

Checked Pets

Dogs and cats weighing over 8 kg and all other pets must travel as checked baggage. As regard to the number of animals per container, up to two adult animals of comparable size and of up to 14 kg each or three animals less than six months old may be carried in a single container.

The maximum weight, including pet container, permitted for a pet traveling as checked baggage is 45 kg, and you must pay a fee which depends on the size of the pet’s kennel:

  • Maximum dimensions of pet container – 60 x 45 x 40 cm:
    • € 100 when traveling to Europe.
    • € 150 when traveling to other destinations.
  • Dimensions of pet container greater than 60 x 45 x 40 cm:
    • € 200 when traveling to Europe.
    • € 300 when traveling to other destinations.

Tips to assure your pet’s safety during the flight

  • You must take with you all the required documents that will prove your pet’s health condition: vaccination, health certificates and documents required for the proper entry and exit of your pet.
  • In order to fly with your dog or cat within the European Union, your pet must have a microchip and its vaccinations up to date or a valid European pet passport.
  • When traveling outside the European Union, you must check the rules that apply to traveling with pets in each country since they have different rules with regards of vaccination, quarantine, permits etc.
  • At least one week before your flight, you should have your pet checked-up by a veterinarian who will issue you a special health certificate.
  • When traveling with pets, make sure your pet is healthy and doesn’t have any special condition. Always tell the airline when booking if you’re traveling with pets so they can look after them.
  • When booking a flight with your pet, try to book a direct flight, if possible. Otherwise, allow at least two hours between the flights. Make sure your pet’s last food is six hours before the flight and to take it for a long walk, so they rest in the container.
  • With regards of the pet container for your pet, it should be well ventilated, solid and of very good quality, so your pet can feel comfortable and safe during the flight. If you want your pet to feel even more comfortable, you should make your pet get used to the container at home and before flying put its favorite blanket and toy inside the container.
  • Don’t forget to put your contact details on your pet’s collar, and you should attach a photograph and contact details as well as pets information on the pet container in a visible place.

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