Adria Airways check-in

How can I check in for an Adria Airways flight?

Besides the traditional Counter Check-in, Adria Airways offers Web Check-in for several destinations. At the time of your check-in, remember to have with you your documents, passport, and ticket and flight information among other things.

When must I check in for my Adria Airways flight?

Adria Airways recommends that the check-in for your flight should be at least an hour and a half before departure if traveling on domestic flights, and, if you are planning to travel internationally, you should check in two hours before departure.

Web Check-in

This service is for passengers checking-in for flights operated by Adria Airways even if you are carrying a bag, given that you can drop your bag at a special counter at the airport designated for those who checked in online. Web Check-in lets you save time since you can check in from anywhere you have an internet connection, as early as 24 hours before the flight and up to 60 minutes before your departure.

Web Check-in is only available for Adria Airways flights departing from: Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Lodz, Munich, Podgorica, Pristina, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tirana, Vienna, Warsaw, Zurich.

Checking-in online is simple. You just have to access the Check-in tab on Adria’s website and follow the instructions. Remember to have all your flight information and documents, since you will need it when you check in online. If you wish, you can also select your seat. Have a printer ready with you since once the check-in is finished you will receive your boarding pass, which you can print out at any time since it will be provided to you at your email.

Before you begin the Web Check-in process, you will be asked a few security questions. You must be sure that you packed your baggage yourself and that nothing in your baggage was introduced without knowledge, nor has anyone given you something to store in your baggage. Also, you must certify that you are not traveling with forbidden items like knives, scissors, screwdrivers, firearms, etc.

Passengers can choose to receive their Mobile Boarding Card, which is sent free of charge to their mobile device via text message (SMS), for departures from the majority of airports in the Adria Airways network: Ljubljana, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Brussels, Lodz, Pristina, Sarajevo, Skopje, Podgorica, Tirana, Warsaw, and Zurich.

Even though you have checked in online, you should try to arrive at the airport with enough time in advance in order to check your bags and go through security since Adria Airways will not stop to wait for a passenger. No matter the check-in method used, you should always arrive at the boarding gate at the time stated on your boarding pass.

As an alternative to this service, when departing from Ljubljana, passengers holding e-tickets can complete check-in on the airport’s own website.

Counter Check-in

If you are traveling with an infant, pet, require special attention, or you are an Unaccompanied Minor, Adria Airways requires you to check in at the airport. If you are flying on domestic flights, you should arrive at least an hour and half before departure, and two hours before departure if you are traveling internationally. At Ljubljana airport, check-in generally closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

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