Adria Airways Baggage and Carry-on

What is the carry-on allowance on Adria Airways flight?

On Adria Airways flights, you are allowed one or two pieces of hand baggage subject to weight and size restrictions. You may carry with you some personal items like cameras, reading material a sweater, etc.

What is Adria Airways policy on checked baggage allowance?

Depending on travel class, all passengers may be entitled to a free baggage allowance limited with regard to the number of pieces and maximum weight and size:

  • Economy:
    • Basic – no free baggage allowance.
    • Classic & Flexible – 1 piece of baggage with total linear dimensions not exceeding 158 cm and a maximum weight of 23 kg.
  • Business: 2 pieces of baggage with total linear dimensions not exceeding 158 cm and a maximum weight of 32 kg each.

For any excess baggage, you would have to pay a fee, which depends on your destination. Each piece of checked baggage may not exceed 32 kg in weight and 185 cm in total linear dimensions.

For safety and security reasons your baggage will be checked by x-ray, and Adria may refuse to carry your baggage if it contains unacceptable items like firearms and weapons among other things. Any unaccompanied baggage has to travel as cargo.

Carry-on Baggage

All Economy Class passengers can take only one piece of hand baggage on board. Business Class passengers are allowed two pieces of hand baggage.

Any piece of hand baggage should weigh no more than 8 kg and have the maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Hand baggage should fit under the seat that is in front of you, or in the storage compartment of the aircraft, otherwise it must be checked as checked baggage.

In addition to the carry-on allowance, only the following items may be carried free of charge: a coat, a camera, binoculars, an umbrella, a walking stick/crutches, a reasonable quantity of books and magazines, a baby basket or folding pushchair, and a reasonable quantity of baby food.

To be able to take delicate musical instruments as carry-on, you must notice Adria Airways in advance and wait for the airline’s permission. If permission is granted, you may have to pay a fee for this service.

When flying in smaller aircraft, you can be asked to leave your carry-on baggage, and it will be tagged as “Delivery At Aircraft” and transported as checked baggage so you must take out valuable items, documents, electronics (camera, phone, etc.).

Checked Baggage

Additional Baggage Allowance

If you have purchased the Economy Basic fare that has no checked baggage, you can always add baggage allowance for your flight online up to 4 hours before departure or at the airport less than 4 hours before the departure:

  • €15 – 12 hours or more before the departure.
  • €35 – 12 hours to 30 min before the departure.
  • €45 – less than 30 min before the departure.

Online, you can currently buy only 1 piece of checked baggage and only for Economy Basic tickets bought on For any other additional baggage, you must call Adria’s Customer Care or pay the excess baggage fee at the airport.

Excess Baggage Fees

If you exceed the permitted number of bags, or your baggage exceeds the permitted dimensions or weight, you will be charged excess baggage fees:

  • Additional piece:
    • 2nd – €75 (only Economy).
    • 3rd-4th – €75.
    • 5th – €175.
  • Overweight piece – €50 (Economy – any piece including the free piece of baggage, Business – only applies to additional pieces).
  • Oversized piece – €100.

Sports Equipment

When traveling with Adria Airways, you can travel with your sports equipment like bicycle, scuba, golf and scuba equipment, among other, on condition that prior arrangements have been made.

Golf equipment, skis, snowboards, water skis, fishing tackle, and other equipment up to 15 kg and 1.4 m in length are considered small sports equipment and are subject to the following fee:

  • €35 – European destinations.
  • €70 – all other destinations.

Bikes, diving equipment, surfboards, kitesurfing/windsurfing equipment, vaulting poles, and other equipment between 16 and 32 kg and 1.41 and 2 meters in length are considered medium sports equipment and transported for the following fee:

  • €70 – all European flights.
  • €150 – all other destinations.

For large sports equipment between 33 and 45 kg and 2.01 and 2.5 meters, like windsurf boards with sail, kayaks, canoes, and hang glider you will have to pay the following fee:

  • €150 – European destinations.
  • €300 – all other destinations.

In order to assure a stress free flight, here some tips to prepare your baggage for the flight:

  • Identify your bag properly with your name and address.
  • To be admitted through check-in, you must put your name on each item of your baggage
  • Put a lock to your baggage
  • Remove labels from other flights.
  • Do not carry valuable or fragile items in your baggage like money, cameras, travel documents medicines, etc.
  • Be sure that your baggage is strong and of good material to avoid damages during the flight.

Collecting Checked Baggage

You must pick your checked baggage as soon as possible. If it is not collected in a reasonable time, the airline may charge you a fee. If you don’t claim your baggage within three months, the airline can dispose of it. In order to collect your baggage, you must show baggage check.

Baggage Service

Delayed, lost or damaged baggage is the responsibility of Adria Airways, only if it is the last carrier on your itinerary. You must report any problem related to your checked baggage immediately on arrival or within the following time limits:

  • Damaged baggage should be reported by submitting a written report within 7 days of your arrival.
  • If your baggage is delayed and you are unable to report it immediately, you should do it in writing within 21 days of your arrival. When arriving in a destination which is not their place of permanent residence, passengers are entitled to reimbursement if they need to make urgent purchases while waiting for their baggage. Baggage not found within 35 days of being reported missing is counted as lost.

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